Why choose IBEX Tumbler?

Why Choose IBEX Tumbler?


Who likes a stale coffee?

Obviously, no one would dare say a stale coffee is the best tasting drink. When you get a hot drink, it must have the right temperature to get the right taste and enjoy it. The same goes to cold drinks.

Sadly, any drink loses its temperature when you pour it in regular cups, glass, or tumbler. Then, how can you have a good drink every single time?

What you need is an IBEX tumbler.

What is an IBEX Tumbler?

The IBEX is a great innovation and a better version of standard tumblers. This item is designed to retain the right drink temperature. Hence, cold drinks will stay chilled and hot beverages would remain warm. With this tumbler, you can have your favorite drink whether at work, while at the gym or school.

Why Choose IBEX Tumbler?

You are probably wondering why online sources recommend this tumbler when there are lots of options in the market. It is true that IBEX is not the only tumbler with such feature. However, IBEX is special because of its unique features.

To find out additional details regarding this item, check a very detailed IBEX tumbler review below.

#1 Aesthetic Quality

If you are picky about an item’s design and appearance, then you’ve nothing to worry about the IBEX tumbler. This product looks sleek with its stainless steel exterior layer. It has a modern and elegant appearance that is perfect for students and working adults. Moreover, it is available in a variety of colors.

#2 Volume

This tumbler can hold up to 30 ounces of liquid which is equivalent 2 bottles of water. Thus, you won’t get run out of your drink with this tumbler fast. Also, it features a stainless-steel interior to prevent affecting the drink’s taste.

#3 Vacuum Insulation

One of the primary reasons why IBEX tumbler is a good choice for your money is the vacuum insulation feature it has. This item can keep a cold drink stay cold for 72 hours and a hot drink warm for 24 hours.

What makes this item unique is the double layer wall of vacuum insulation this product possess. It is what prevents the heat or cold from escaping the tumbler. If you want to find out more details about this aspect, you can check this page out for info.

#4 BPA-Free

When searching for a tumbler or any container, make sure to avoid products with BPA.

BPA is a substance usually found in plastics. It has a harmful impact on health. Thus, eating or drinking food contaminated with this substance can trigger chronic diseases.

The IBEX tumbler is a 100% BPA-free product. The plastic drinking lid of IBEX is safe so you won’t have to worry about your health.

#5 Convenient

When talking about convenience, nothing beats the IBEX tumbler. You can bring this tumbler while hiking, camping, going to work, or having a stroll at the park.

Additional Thoughts

Before choosing a tumbler, always check the product’s specifications as well as the pros and cons of the item. That is why you need to consult product reviews from a helpful site like the Extraordinary Reviews. Right on this website, you can find additional details about the leading travel gears in the market.

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