What to know if you have a dog





The guideline for potential dog owners


If you are going to have a puppy, you  need to be prepared for that experience. There are several things you should take into consideration until your dog is at home. Here in the picture you can see the list of equipment you need to buy beforehand:

The obligations of a dog owner

According to animals' monitoring agency in Tbilisi a dog owner is obliged to save his/her dog; To give it food, water and all the useful equipment that is needed for a dog. 

If your dog makes a street dirty, you should be prepared to clean it. 

If you dog hurts anyone you should recover all the expenses that is needed.

you should stick a warning mark that you have a dog at the entrance of your house.

You should register your dog and vaccinate it as appropriate.

You are obliged not to take your dog to the hospitals, shops, pharmacies and to all the places where there is an appropriate mark.


The rights of a dog owner

You can walk with your dog with a short leash and  a muzzle if it is a daytime from 06:00 to 23:00.

You can walk with your dog without a short leash and  a muzzle after 23:00.

You can use a municipality transport to take somewhere your dog but only if it has a short leash and a muzzle.

For more detailed information you can visit a web page of animals monitoring agency or directly link to the regulations. 



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