Ways to Create a Better Event with the Help of Your Employees

As you already know, company events are very important for the overall success of your team. These events are not just an opportunity for employees to gather together, chat, and get to know each other (although that is one of the goals) but they help boost employee morale and productivity and as a result, you have a better team.

Events are usually planned by an event planner who can do all the work with minimal supervision. However, planning a company event can be another chance for employees to collaborate and feel validated. If you’re asking yourself why, a better question would be why not?

There are many reasons why you should start thinking about it. In this article we will explain why you should involve employees in planning company events.

Why You Should Include Employees in the Event Planning Process


Whether you’re planning an employee’s birthday, company birthday or you’re celebrating a major success, teamwork is beneficial to all sides. When you trust employees with something and you include them in this event planning project, they feel respected and valued.

Moreover, problem-solving is much easier when several people are working on a project exchanging ideas. The solution is usually found much faster compared to when one person is working alone on planning the entire event.

Eventsforce also suggests that team collaboration, in this case, helps reduce stress too. When you work independently, you have an endless list of tasks to do before the event. By including employees in the planning process, you share the responsibility which takes the pressure off.

Needless to say, event planning is complex and you could use help managing everything. Additionally, teamwork boosts productivity and this is why you should consider including your employees in the planning process for your next event.

You Get to Delegate Tasks

The important thing to realize is that you can’t do everything on your own. Well, you can, but it can be extremely overwhelming especially if you have a tight deadline.

One of the major benefits of involving employees in the event planning process is sharing work with others.

However, it is you who must decide which tasks can be delegated and which require your focus. You can delegate tasks like invitations and flyers to some and have others deal with the location, catering, etc. Once you delegate all the minor things, you are left to deal with the tasks that cannot be delegated.

There are other things to keep in mind when delegating tasks such as giving employees a deadline for the completion of the task. You should also give them precise instructions and make sure that they understand what you require them to do. In order for this collaboration to work, you should check their progress from time to time.

However, you must not forget that employees should have the freedom to be creative and to work independently. If you trust them with a task, they will feel appreciated and will be more inspired to give their best.

You Have More Time for Important Things

After you share work and let employees handle the routine tasks, you are left with significantly more time to deal with the things that they can’t. That includes communicating with sponsors, attendees, and customers.

Dealing with sponsors, donors, and attendees deserves your full attention because these connections can benefit you in the future when you need support. But because of the minor preparatory things that you usually have to take care of, it can be difficult to manage. Having employees handle the logistics, will give you the time to network.

Sharing Ideas/Diversity

When trying to put together an event, hearing opinions from several people is better than a single one. Since we all share different opinions, ideas, and tastes, by working as a team you will have the opportunity to see what employees expect from this event. This helps build event identity.

Employees Get to Learn From Each Other

The invaluable part of planning an event as a team is learning. Employees have a lot to learn from one another because each of them is good at something. Working with others can help them realise how much they know and how much they can learn from their colleagues. Usually, everyone has an area of expertise so everyone in the team has something new to learn or polish the skills they already have.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there really are numerous reasons why involving employees in event planning helps create better events. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement in which you as the event planner reduce stress, save a lot of time, and share responsibility, while employees feel as valuable team members. As a result, they all end up learning something new and the entire event is planned more quickly and more efficiently.

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