Tug the Puggle
Laurene meets Tug.

Tug was found attached to a fence in St. Lambert, QC. Neighbors waited two full days before calling the Montreal SPCA.

Tug waited for Laurene at the SPCA for six months. Time was running out for the sweet puggle,  who rested calmly in his cage.

 Tug in a cage

Laurene had no intention of adopting a dog that day. Her boyfriend did not even know that she was at the SPCA.

When Laurene entered the SPCA she was shocked. So many animals starred at her begging for the chance to go for a walk. When Laurene set eyes on the puggle she knew what she had to do. The puggle’s name was Poppy. When Laurene approached his cage Poppy pressed his head against the metal bars and wept. 

The evaluator would not let Laurene take the dog home saying that he was a vocal and aggressive dog. Laurene did not react well to this and threw a mild tantrum. She was encouragingly asked to leave. 

Laurene went home that night knowing that she could not give up.

The next day Laurene went to the SPCA hoping that another evaluator was there. Indeed, a new evaluator let Laurene meet Poppy. Laurene's boyfriend joined her to ensure that she didn’t get out of hand.

Poppy was allowed in the meeting room. He peed all over Laurene's boyfriend's shoes and she laughed. Then Poppy peed on her purse and she did not find it as amusing.

But it was too late: she was already in love with the dog.

In at the SPCA 

They decided to take tug out for a walk; it was a shocking surprise. Poppy had the strength of a bull and it soon became a battle of tug of war.

 It took Laurene a lot of deliberation convince her boyfriend to adopt the dog.

They took a day to consider it. In the end they adopted Poppy and brought him home to their Atwater apartment. 

Laurene's boyfriend quickly fell in love with the dog. Still, he took his small revenge of Laurene’s spur-of the-moment-decision by bringing the puggle to the vet and changing his name to Tug. Laurene conceded. 

They saved Tug, but in many ways he saved them.



After three days Tug finally feels comfortable in his new home
Tug tuckered out
What you looking at?
Found him here after coming home from work.
Looking out the window of new Ottawa home
Visting grandparents

Puggles are cool.

Here is a video by Kieran McGovern explaining the  breed. 

Puggle 101
შექმნილია  “ჯამპსტარტ ჯორჯიას” მიერ