Trip to Toronto

The Train Ride!

The view of the small train station.
We departed from the Fallowfield train station.
One of the train stations we stopped at to pick up more passengers.
Some boats we passed on the trian ride to Toronto.

The Renaissance Hotel

The Renaissance Hotel with a view of the CN Tower.
This is what we walked into our hotel room to see - a live Toronto Blue Jay's baseball game out our window!
The view from our hotel room of the Rogers Centre baseball stadium during the game.
Watching the game.
The empty stadium.
The Weather
Rain, a brief break from rain - and then more rain!

Overall it was an enjoyable trip, the only unfortunate part was all the rain. It rained the majority of the time - the worst part being travelling from the train station to our hotel with all ours bags through the Toronto streets!

Thankfully the one time it wasn't raining was when we were attending one of the Toronto Blue Jay's baseball games! It stopped raining with just enough time before the game started that they were able to open up the dome - and we got to watch!

The Aquarium got really busy really quickly! We arrived in the afternoon and there was a line up way out the door! Even when we arrived the next morning before opening a line-up had already started. I would definitely recommend arriving at opening!

Under the Sea!

The tank at the front entrance of the aquarium.
All of the different exhibits within Ripley's Aquarium.
Colourful Carp Fish.
Beautiful light shining through the water.
Large fish inside the aquarium.
You were able to pet the stingrays at one point during the exhibit.
Lots of little fish!
The CN Tower view...
The CN Tower view...
The CN Tower view...
Once we returned to the ground after being up the CN Tower is was dark out!
I’ve been up the CN Tower many times now and, in my opinion, it just never gets old. Taking the elevator with the glass walls, standing out on the platform, taking photos, standing on the glass floor and observing the view – I could do it again and again and never get sick of it!

The one moment of sunshine!

The view of the baseball stadium from within!
The dome began to open just as the game was about to start - because it finally stopped raining!
And it continued to open more...
And more...
Then we had the perfect view of the CN Tower from the stadium!
Overall Experience
Would I Do It Again?

My favourite part of the trip was probably the train ride - because it was my first time riding a train! I did enjoy the trip overall though! I got to see my favourite baseball team play live and see the aquarium - both for the first time! I also got to go up the CN Tower again - which I always love doing. Overall they were all great experiences!

I would definitely do the same trip again - next time I would just make sure to have looked up places to eat nearby the hotel though to make for easier navigation – especially just in case it rains the next time I visit!

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