Smart Aging: Creating a Better Future for Your Skin

Skin naturally ages over the course of time, as the rest of the body does. Despite being inevitable, this process can be slowed down with proper care. Aging of one’s skin largely depends on their lifestyle and routines. Dismissing bad habits, listening to advice of experts and making overall changes in lifestyle can help skin stay young and firm.

smart aging


Two types of aging

Skin naturally loses elastin and collagen, proteins which make it firm. Skin also loses fat and becomes thinner and frailer. It bruises easily and loses the ability to heal quickly. Genes also play an important role, since every person has their own genetic code which determines the way in which the skin ages. All this is known as intrinsic aging and it encompasses factors which are beyond our control. However, it is possible to control exposure to some factors that have a negative effect on skin. They belong to extrinsic aging and include sun damage, smoking, and alcohol among other things.

smart aging

Sun protection

Overexposure to the sun causes most of the problems. Ultraviolet rays penetrate deeply into the skin, damaging its elasticity and causing wrinkles. Also, dark spots may appear on the skin, due to the effect of sunlight on pigmentation of the skin. More serious problems include skin cancer. In order to prevent sun damage, there are a few steps to follow. Avoid being directly exposed to sun’s rays between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Also, choose a sunscreen with sun protection factor (SPF) over 15 and wear a hat with a wide brim while walking under the sun. Though skin may not suffer immediate consequences from direct sun exposure, they are bound to appear later in life.

smart aging

Healthy lifestyle

Skin reflects everything that happens in our organism. Unhealthy habits such as excessive alcohol drinking, smoking, and fast food consumption will deteriorate your skin’s look. Another important point is drinking enough water, which keeps your skin hydrated. Eating food full of nutrients and vitamins, such as fruit and vegetables, cutting down on cigarettes, exercising, and improving your general state of health will be beneficial for your skin as well. Changes in your lifestyle will make your skin better equipped for days to come.

smart aging

Treatment and care

The skin needs proper care and attention in order to preserve its healthy look. Skin becomes rougher and drier with age. offers a range of natural products which can improve the state of your skin when applied adequately. If these products do not help, it is important to seek advice from the doctor and not give up. The skin deserves the best treatment and lack of willingness can be a major obstacle to healthy skin. Achieving the perfect skin look demands a great deal of personal effort, but the benefits will be clearly visible.

Various factors contribute to the condition of the skin. While some cannot be stopped, others can be controlled and influenced. It is important to dedicate enough attention to the health of your skin. The science of smart aging can be mastered by anyone who has enough will to tackle these problems. Protection from the sun, a healthy lifestyle and proper care are a winning combination that will keep your skin in a good condition throughout the life.


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