We aplogzie for not having any updates for StoryBuilder in some time. We have been busy with other projects, including using the StoryBuilder platform as the basis for an NGO's media website. The NGO is Chai Khana and you can check out their website at http://chai-khana.org.

When we are able to find time, we will take the new features we added to Chai Khana's StoryBuilder platform and apply them to the StoryBuilder site. Some of the features will include:

  • new layout for the story page
  • ability to write one story in many languages (Chai Khana's website is in 5 languages!)
  • improved interface for adding story content
  • in the full screen media section, ability to have text captions fixed at the bottom of the screen and with a background color so text is visible on top of the media
  • new section types:
    • infographic - ability to load infographic images or interactive urls
    • youtube embed - embed youtube videos with options like making the video fullscreen by default and setting a caption language and having it show by default

If you have any feedback on features you would like added or any bugs you have found, please let us know by using our feedback form.

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