How do live political prisoner`s familiy?

Leyla has got married to Afgan almost more than 5 years. Before getting married to him she was active in the political life of Azerbaijan. Leyla has been a candidate in Parliament elections as a member of opposition party – Musavat.  Due to this background, I always have noticed that it doesn’t make her to afraid of being a political prisoner or prisoner`s family. Her husband Afgan exiled more than one month ago and appeared in Baku. The Azerbaijan Government accuses that Afgan passed the border illegally and took with him more than 10 000 Euro which it is forbidden to take to the country this amount money without declaration in the border.  Although most people, even lawyers are thinking that it is impossible to release Afgan earlier than at least 5 years, from his exile date till today Leyla continues to fight for him. Almost during the whole day, she is giving an interview, continue her journalism activity.

Despite all of this she has 4 years old daughter – Nuray. She has to take care of her. She is studying in kindergarten and it means Leyla should put her to kindergarten every day and take her from there every evening. 

Leyla Mustafayeva is talking about her daily routine

- Hey, yo know? We don`t have father He has been taken.  

Her mother answered: 

- Nuray, don't exaggerate. He has gone to Azerbaijan because his mother is ill


- No, mom. I know, he was kidnapped, they wore to his head black pocket and took him. 

- No. His mother is ill. 


I heard this dialogue of Nuray with her mom after several days Afgan`s exile. Until this moment everybody thought that Nuray doesn`t anything about her father. Unfortunately, everybody forgot that she is studying in Georgian kindergarten and watch TV. She knows everything, she asks questions about her father, mostly "when will he come back?". Meanwhile, she is still studying in kindergarten and play in the park every day after kindergarten with her mom.

Approximately it is two weeks that Nuray`s summer holiday has started. Kindergarten will be closed until September. It means Leyla should take care to Nuray not only during the certain time period but also whole day. Due to this reason, she decided to take Nuray with her to her interviews.

შექმნილია  “ჯამპსტარტ ჯორჯიას” მიერ