High paid money equals with high death rates
"My girl has no problem with health"
"Appeal to court is useless"

Sadiqova Gozel - mother of Bekirova Vusala who died during birth - said that her daughter lived with her husband and mother-in-law in Zardab, in the region of Azerbaijan. Before this birth, she had two healthy child:

"We met with her last time when she was newly pregnant, just 2 month. We went to doctor and did check-up. My daughter has no problem with health till birth. She had a birth in Zardab Central Hospital, but doctor came after 7 hours later. After it they couldn't save infant and killed my daughter too."

Mrs. Sadiqova added that doctors didn't give her document about death:

"I ask them to give me document but doctors tell me that reason of death is stress and bleeding."

"Absence of compulsary medical insurance is the main reason"

Medical expert Adil Qeybulla thinks that here have both objective and subjective reasons:

"Despite of spending money for improving technological equipment, maternal death rate is high in Azerbaijan. I can say that main reason is absence of compulsory medical insurance. Lack of this right makes people being more careless about mothers' pregnancy period, because needed money for check-up during a month is high in clinics. As the result of this mainly pregnant mothers have not medical cards which show health problems of them. Lack of these medical cards creates many problems during birth as doctor didn't know what additional problem has patience."

Adil Qeybulla


"Mainly death happens 24 hours later after birth"

Adil Qeybulla talks about unofficial statistics which is mainly gathering results of maternal death in Azerbaijan. He said that according to official medical expertise main cause is bleeding as other EU countries. After it careless of patience is coming as the second big reason besides violence during pregnancy and doctor's fault for doctor's opinion.

"Careless of patience also is another big reason as they didn't check-up before wedding for learning can they have child or not? Mainly one of sides have some genetically problems and it affects birth too. Birth must be controlled by doctor, by protocols. It is more useful that risking with both mother and infant's life." 



"For avoiding maternal preventive actions are important"

Lawyer Gunel Safarova looks this issue from jurisdical side. She said that  in law have special article for situations like this as 42.2 article - "Doctors' Responsibility".

"If death will be proofed by this article, guilty doctor can be punished according 313 article - "Abuse of power" and 342.3 - "Negligent attitude to duties" as dismissial from work and go to prison."

She added that for proving guilty need official medical expertise from Health Ministry and problems started from here as they mainly take the doctors' side and show different things as bleeding, health issues and etc as reason of death. "As the result of this people don't trust governmental organizations, also courts"


Interview with Gunel Safarova
"Don't believe statistics"

Lawyer Safarova said that the official statistics is mainly contain lies. 

"For learning real statistics, lawyers mainly count official statistics to 7 or 8. Statistics show us mainly softened version of reality for not creating panic in the society."


According to "The State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan" statistics of maternal death between 2010 - 2015 years. 

"For ending maternal death, we must end bribery in hospitals"

Matanat AzizovaHead of "Women's Crisis Center" Matanat Azizova comment this situation as main problem is bribe. 

"The reason of why this problem still exists is bribery in hospitals, clinics, between doctor and patience. According to law birth and inspections must be free, but now you can't find any hospital who doing it like this. For one birth minimal cost is approxametly 1000 AZN and for the high cost people avoid for going to hospitals and making check-ups in clinics. Now, not only in regions, also in Baku people give a birth at home condition and it increases number of death. Ministry of Health should avoid situations like this and prevent these bribe cases."


International statistics for Caucasus


"We investigate all maternal death cases with details"

According to press office of Ministry of Health 10 doctor was fired and 77 medical officer applied different administrative fines in 2015.

“As a ministry we have special birth committee for cases like this and we investigate all maternal death cases with details. Criteria’s for investigate are mainly health problems of victim before birth, taken medicine, violence at home and etc... For now we can say that main problem is the genetically illness and carelessness of patience. After 2001, spent money to health sphere increase 11 times and it helps us forming technical and medical equipment in our hospitals, clinics. As the result of this, maternal death decrease during these years as the high rate was seen in 2003 with 72. Now this number decrease till 25 and it will continue.”


Budget of Ministry of Health during these years with AZN

Numbers of government are effective, but unfortunately reality is different

According to Ministry of Health number of maternal death is 25, but report of "The World Health Organization" shows us the different number, 48 maternal death. While local statistical numbers decrease, the International number continuing increasing. Just 5 years was spent more than 2 billion AZN, but the same result still exists. 

For saving mothers and rates position, just money is not enough. Azerbaijan also among the lider countries for corruption with the 119th rank out of 168 countries...

შექმნილია  “ჯამპსტარტ ჯორჯიას” მიერ