ASB/Fulvio Zanetti
Helping stranded refugees
ASB/Fulvio Zanetti
This man and his two children are separated from his wife. The border closed just between them. Now he is desparate, because he has no means of contacting her.

men, women and families with small children

Distribution of food and clothes

Hans-Ulrich Pfaffmann, chair of ASB Bayern, visited one of the unorganised refugee camps in the North of the country. Together with staff and volunteers from IDC, he distributed life saving goods to the families in need. Hans-Ulrich Pfaffmann was quite moved by the bad state in which the refugees were in. Listen to his experiences. 


Hans-Ulrich Pfaffmann delivers goods to refugees




ASB/Fulvio Zanetti
Mobile medical teams help to support the refugees to stay healthy.
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