A month has as minimum 29 days. Book at least one weekend for traveling. You may say it’s expensive. The calculations show, that you can travel and spend less that you are spending on Friday night beer.
Traveling is not only going abroad. Travel within your country, it’s fun, cheap and worthy.
I always travel. While I was a student in Georgia with the limited budget I decided to keep the traveling spirit and started to find cheap ways to get to my destinations.

Follow me, and check how I am traveling, with less money but full of magnificent impressions. It is easy and full of fun.


Before traveling somewhere just research a bit. Google your destination and find basic info about it, what kind of transportation you need to reach the place etc. The transportation is #1 thing you can save your money. I always use public transportation: minibuses, buses, trains, doesn’t matter. It is a great chance to meet local people, talk to them. Ask them what you can see nearby and places out of your traveling guide are guaranteed.  Always check the weather. I use, 

Now it’s time to pack the backpack and hit the road.


While traveling by public transportation, in many cases you will be dropped nearby at your final destination. Ask local people or use the maps and walk to the place. Walk through the villages, talk to the people. Walking is a great chance to explore more. Never get afraid if you are lost. Even better, you can find more than you have planned.

 Let someone know where you are going: this has nothing to do with cheap traveling, but for your safety!!!



Places I have managed to visit


Borjomi: there are minibusses to Borjomi that depart from Didube Metro Stationevery day at 7:00 and back from Borjomi at 16:40. It’s enough to enjoy and explore the beautiful city.
In case you prefer train the schedule is here:

What you can see:  Museum of Local Lore/3 GEL/, Borjomi Waterpark /1 GEL/. In this park, there is a Cable car from which an outstanding view is opening.


Gori: City that saw the war on 2008, was standing very proud. Gori is a nice calm city not far from Tbilisi. Minibusses from Didube are leaving on every 40 min starting from 7:30 to 16:30. /4 GEL/.

What you can see:  Gori is the birthplace of Soviet Leader Joseph Stalin. A very interesting museum in the city center is worthy to visit.

Uplistsikhe- not far from Gori, there is a rock town with a name Uplistsikhe ” the lord’s fortress”. BTW the place is in UNESCO heritage list. From Gori Central bus station to Uplistikhie is about 40 min. Buses are leaving every one hour, the cost is 1 GEL. The last bus from Uplistsikhie is at 17:00.


Kojori: Peaceful place very close to Tbilisi. I was there in spring, where valleys of wild margaritas were all around. I am sure Kojori is fantastic in all the seasons. Merged with nature you can find medieval Kojori Fortress as well as known as Agarani or Azeuli. Buses are going from Kolmeurneba/Kolkhoznaya Square, right next to the flower market, every 30 to 40 minutes. It costs only 0.5 GEL, for student 0.2 GEL.


Kazbegi: To be in Georgia and not to travel to Kazbegi is a crime. Together with buses that go to Stepantsminda, the city situated on the legs of Kazbeki, there are nice offers from independent drivers. Buses from Didube depart from around 09:00, and cost 30 GEL for the round trip. On the way, there are stops in Ananuri, Russian-Georgian friendship monument, from where an outstanding panoramic view is opening. The whole road is very nice, with changing landscapes. But the final stop, which is in Kazbegi is something different. City and village situated between high mountains, and proud Kazbegi shining up in the sky. And under the legs of Kazbeki is Gergeti Trinity Church /2170 m/. There is two way to go there, renting cars, or just hiking through the old village and forest. Better is to walk to feel the full happiness when after 3 hours of hiking you see the church. The return is at 17:00.


Sighnaghi – From Tbilisi mini busses are running daily from Samgori station /Metro Samgori/ from 09:00 to 18:00 on every second hour. It’s about 1.5 hours and cost 6 GEL. The same Schedule is with returning.

Sighnaghi is a small city full of love. You can manage to see all around. In case you believe in healing waters, for 10 GEl you can enter the holy and allegedly healing water of St. Nino Spring.


Mtskheta: Mini buses to Mtskheta are leaving from Didube Station /Didube Metro/ for 1 GEL. The only thing is that you have to be very attentive to ask the driver to stop near the old city.

What you can see:  Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, which is one of the sacred places in Georiga, Jvari monastery situated on the cliff above Mtskheta. From Jvari, an outstanding view is opening. It is possible to hike to Jvari  or to take a taxi /15 GEL/.


and this is me, in Jvari.



Travel more. It is fun. Don’t be a tourist, but a traveler ready to explore more.

შექმნილია  “ჯამპსტარტ ჯორჯიას” მიერ