Divorce Sucks – 4 Steps to a Better You

If the latter is the case, you are lucky, read on just for kicks. If you are planning on getting divorced, well, let me tell you – divorce sucks! It is one hell of a heart-breaking, money-guzzling and time-consuming experience, which tends to hurt not only those involved. However, the only thing worse than getting divorced is living in an unhappy marriage. So, here are 4 tips that can help you in this difficult times.

Visit a Therapist

Commonly avoided, therapists are often disregarded as unnecessary and expensive. Although the latter might be true in most cases, the former rarely is. Not everyone can talk out loud to themselves and, even if they can, this often isn’t the solution. Hanging out with a friend might give you a sense of relief – they will most likely understand you and support you, but having someone to truly give you feedback and help you get in touch with your feelings is vital. Your therapist’s office is a confidential, safe place to sort through all the emotions regarding your divorce.

Work Out

Physical training really helps put things into perspective and, keeps you sane, in general. During the workout you are too busy to think about the dreadful divorce proceedings, owing to the fact that your brain has to focus on your muscles and coordination. Going for a long jog, or visiting a gym is a great way to ebb away the dark thoughts. While listening to your favorite tunes is greatly recommended during the workout because it’s a great motivator, try walking back to your home with your music off. This will give you a chance to think about everything. The workout will clear your mind and you’ll be able to think everything through more carefully.

Go on a Trip Alone

Nothing provides a bigger mind-cleansing experience than travelling alone. Plan your destination, but don’t make reservations just yet. Make it a soul-searching experience, regardless of whether you are travelling to North Dakota or the Himalayas. Try out new things and you’ll quickly realize that getting divorced isn’t the end of the world, especially nowadays. Travelling puts things into perspective!

End on a Good Note

Do not opt for a divorce because of a fight. Well, of course some sort of a disagreement it’s going to be the reason you decided to get one, but let things cool down. Talk to your spouse. Come to this decision together – there is no better way of tackling this. If you cooperate in your divorce (regardless of how ridiculous this sounds), you’ll make things easier for both of you. You’ll get to choose where to get divorced. For example, filing for divorce in California is a good option, seeing as how more than 70,000 Californians ended their marriages last year, this way. This type of divorce is quite normal there, and you’ll probably make the most out of it in this state. However, it might be difficult to achieve it if you and your spouse are still in a grudge-holding state. Talk to each other and decide what’s best for you two, as well as your children, who always get involved.

These 4 ideas present great ways to go through a divorce as easy as humanly possible. Even if you follow the outlined advice, the divorce won’t come easy, but, in truth, it never was meant to. Talk to your soon-to-be-ex and talk to your children, but before doing so, tackle your inner needs.


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