Different types of convention collective metallurgie salaire

Collective bargaining agreement is needed in the metallurgy industry as well. Today it is very important for the employees to make certain that the rights are not exploited in any case. Employees should find it easy to work in an environment where working conditions are favorable. It is also important to get proper salary depending on the work authorized in metallurgy industry. Collective bargaining agreement is vital as it discusses many things about the trade union, employer and employee. Convention collective metallurgie salaire is known to be a very important part to not ignore it.

Going through convention collective metallurgie pdf can also give you basic idea about clauses included in convention collective metallurgie salaire. To know about the convention collective metallurgie you should know the basics of the collective bargaining agreement. Below are some types of the collective bargaining agreement drafted by trade unions employees as well as employer in this industry:

First type is distributive bargaining agreement
Among several bargaining agreement types, this is the most commonly used bargaining system. There is certainly no negotiation on this kind of the distributive bargaining as one side losses definitely. It basically follows zero-sum negotiation formula. Both parties are employees and employers with the trade unions trying to maximize their gain. In such a case one party wins definitely. Problems about wages and bonus are discussed briefly in such a situation. For convention collective metallurgie salaire this type of agreement can be created. Below are the things discussed in this agreement:
Preferred wages
Unacceptable wage levels
Acceptable wage levels
Distributive bargaining agreements are also called as conjunctive bargaining agreements.

Second type is cooperative bargaining agreement
They are even known as integrative bargaining agreements. In such agreement both the parties will try to mutually come to proper conclusion. To create a comfortable situation, many issues are discusses and alternatives are found in solving session. Trade union and employer resolve the issues between parties. List of solution is made and many solutions are adopted for the final conclusion.
During recession period when company needs worker but can not support their wages demand then in such scenario cooperative bargaining agreement can prove to be useful. Negotiation is done between the parties in order to create a flexible employment terms.

Third type is productivity bargaining type
Certain concepts that are discussed in this type of bargaining agreement are like fatigue allowance, personal need allowance, hazardous allowance etc. Even in this industry you can make such agreements by discussing these concepts with the parties.

# 4 composite bargaining
Labor union made this agreement to favor the changing situations faced by worker in the working condition. Changing productivity norms, adoption of new technology etc are some of the things that boost the work load of workers. To minimize such burden and to not add too much complication, trade union comes together with employers to discuss over such problems. Composite bargaining agreement is the solution to the issues faced by the worker. Work norms, wages, employment level etc are discussed in this type of bargaining agreement.

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