Collaborate for Social Impact

We’re the “Collaborate for Social Impact” Team.


We have created a unique educational programme for future social entrepreneurs. This is our story.


We come from 18 different countries but Geneva is our home now. Geneva is our inspiration.
Photo by Oxfam International "Minkaman, Awerial County, South Sudan" 2014 |
Arriving in Geneva, we realized that everyone here is searching for answers. To the world’s most pressing social issues.
Photo by Doc Searls "Silos" 2009
Almost everyone in Geneva is engaging in it – international organizations, NGOs big and small, corporations, as well as individuals...but alone. There is a lot of expertise and knowledge. But it remains siloed, not shared.
We came to Geneva to learn how to tackle these very problems – from forced migration to insufficient water and sanitation, but we realize that the way we tackle them needs to change.
Photo by Norman Lear Center "Lloyd Dangle at USC Creativity & Collaboration" 2000
As the next generation of leaders, We need to collaborate with different people. We know engineers can’t do it alone. Neither can humanitarian aid workers or civil servants.
We realized we needed more innovation, specifically, for social impact. Look at new ideas. Understand the systems under which innovations occur.
We didn't find a path that would best prepare us and other students as leaders of social innovation in the future.

That’s why we created Collaborate for Social Impact: A unique learning experience for students from different backgrounds to develop social innovations in response to real-life challenges.

Our programme is unique in the following ways:

1) We use the expertise of organizations based in Geneva, also known as “challenges”. These are the seeds of social innovation.

2) We encourage interdisciplinary peer-to-peer learning.

3) We connect students to mentors – both subject-matter experts and entrepreneurial mentors.

How do we do it?

For more information, click here.

What do we need?

C4SI is an ambitious programme run on a student sized budget. Like many students, we have more ideas than money!

While we have raised enough funds to support the programme stage of C4SI, we are still in need of funding to support the final prize:

> to help promote the practical implementation of the most impressive solution envisaged by the students and boost their journey into social entrepreneurship.

With this final prize, we hope to send the winning team to tailored workshops, from negotiations for start-ups to business modeling, aimed to accelerate and scale their solutions. The workshops are meant to connect the winning team to leading social innovators and experts from different sectors, as a chance for them to network and gain further feedback. The prize will also include a small support grant which covers all travel, meal and accommodation costs.

How you can help:

If you would like to financially contribute to our project, please click on the “Donate” button below! We appreciate any support!

Thank you for reading about our story! Please feel free to share!
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