Reporting Urban Issues_TU Berlin Institute for Sustainable Planning_Ying-Chih Deng

This site is part of the urban planning studio run by Institute for Sustainable Planning Urban Design,Technical University Berlin.  The studio devises comprehensive story reporting as a cognitive tool to understand the complexity of Urban issues. One can easier observes the transformation of City through important urban issues.We could see how the spaces are improvised, policies are made, and human and material resources are distributed on the ground in order to achieve the closure of the issue.  We believe the live realm of our human inhabitation, lets says, a city , is composed of many layers of overlapping structures. These structures, which include cultural, political, financial, and administrative systems, control and interact directly with the physical structures that make up the fabric of a city. Associate Professor_ Ying-Chih Deng




შექმნილია  “ჯამპსტარტ ჯორჯიას” მიერ