8 Ways I've Learned to Make Life Easier

Life can be a rollercoaster; especially one that keeps letting dozens of tasks take their seat and completely forget to take us on board. Do you ever feel like you’re just watching your own life going up and down and up and down and you’re just waiting for it to stop just long enough for you to fix everything?

Well, worry not. I promise you this is how most people feel but not everyone is honest to share their struggles, even with their best friends sometimes.

So, how can you make your life easier?

What things can you change in your life that you’ll feel like you have time for fun things again and your friends and loved ones?

These are the 8 ways I’ve learned to make life easier:

#1 Buy less, own less

Minimalism shouldn’t be news to you, but I’m here to say it again, having less will make your life easier. It’s not only about owning less clothes or fewer material possessions, it’s also about not spending so much time dusting and organising and cleaning. I mean, if you have less, you won’t worry about where to put things you do not have space for.

#2 Speaking of clothes, leave yours ready before going to bed

This has been the best change in my life yet! In all honesty, choosing my outfit the day before is amazing, it gives me a proper 10 extra minutes in the morning, and I get extra sleeping time. It’s a small, small change that won’t take up any of your time, but it’ll make your mornings way easier.

#3 Get a weekly planner

If you’re rolling your eyes right now, please don’t. This might be the most shared tip but it’s because it works! I cannot imagine my life without a weekly planner. And I’m not even a secretary or attend that many social events; it’s just that it helps me figure out when I have time for extra things I want to do. It makes me and my life organised and therefore, simpler.

#4 Hire help…

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. It’s a sign that you can’t do everything yourself and that’s ok. Hiring an accountant because you don’t have time (or knowledge) to take care of your taxes or someone to come ‘round and clean your house, it’s ok. Hell, it’s amazing! I have someone who helps me with ironing because one, I hate doing it! And two, I can’t spare 3 or 4 hours every week to do it. You can also hire people for the less frequent stuff: event planners for your special occasions, someone to clean the carpets every once in a while, etc.

#5 Say no, often!

I learned this one the hard way. I used to be the kind of person who loved attending every party, meeting every friend while doing charity work, working and making time for my family. So, I learned to say no.

My weekly planner helps me a ton with this! If someone invites me for something, I look at it in advance and if my week is pretty busy, I just say no. You can’t beat yourself just because you’re busy, it’s better if you don’t stress just because you added a meeting or an event to your already busy week.

#5.5 Cancel if you’re too stressed

In addition to saying no, I’ve also learned to cancel schedules. If I planned something a few weeks in advance or sometimes even just a few days prior and later I realise I have too much on my plate, I cancel what’s not a priority. Mostly, I’ll cancel social events, but I’ll make sure to reschedule them for a later day! Friends are important!

#6 Set up automatic payments

It’s the easiest thing you could do, and it almost sets you free! I never worry about paying bills on time because they’re always scheduled! I have automatic payments and I never even think about them at the end of the month. Just make sure to cancel payments you’re no longer using.

#7 Routines, routines & more routines

No matter what your adult-self tells you, waking up and going to bed at the same time every day is important. Our body loves routines and it’s not only about waking up at the same time, setting up a routine when going to bed is just as important. Yes, even at the weekend. After a week or so, your body will get used to a certain rhythm and you’ll find yourself less worried and stressed.

#8 Chores once a day/week

Doing the dishes and doing the laundry are important chores and some do them every day, or in the case of doing the dishes, after every meal. The problem is that this is too time consuming and it’s only making you more stressed. Do your laundry once a week and do it all at once. If you need two loads of laundry to do it all, do it, but do it only once a week. And for your dishes, wash them or load the machine only at the end of the day.

Making our lives easier and simpler will only add to spending our valuable time in a better and more relaxed way. Either that’s spending more time with your loved ones or just enjoying a good book, but by following these tips, you’re creating time and worrying less.

What other ways have you found out that make your life easier?

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