What is a Mobile Notary Public?

A Notary Public administers the verification of the signer’s identity. Likewise, their role encompasses witnessing a transaction and that a document was executed formally. They only affirm the signer’s identity and the legality of the transaction based on satisfactory pieces of evidence by the laws of the State of California.

The instances wherein you’ll need the help of a Notary Public is when performing legal transactions, applies for marriage, divorce, overseas education, and registering a business.

Back then, a person must visit a Notary Public in his office to conduct the notarization. However, things are no longer the same. Notary Publics are now mobile.

The Benefits of a Mobile Notary Public

A Mobile Notary Public is the revolutionized version of traditional notarization. The primary goal of a mobile notary public is to offer the best services suited for a modern society.

Instead of the client visiting the Notary Public, the client can contact the latter through their website or phone number. The client can address the problem to the Notary Public via email or phone call. After that, they will schedule a meet up to settle the issue and conduct the notarization.

This modern notary public service is unlike the traditional one. It offers countless benefits, particularly to clients. If you are planning to hire a Notary Public, here are the advantages of it that you must know.

#1 Extremely Convenient

Hiring a Mobile Notary Public is extremely convenient. You no longer have to look for one and visit their office. The Notary Public will come to you armed with solutions that can help to solve your problem.

Moreover, you can meet with the Notary Public at the place and time of your choice. It is a great advantage, especially for working individuals.

#2 Accessibility

You can easily find a mobile notary public through the internet. All you have to do is type in your location and the keyword Mobile Notary Public. No doubt, you will get hundreds of results right away.

If you are in LA, one of the most accessible Mobile Notary Public is Rachel Mintz. You can get a hold of her through this page - https://www.yelp.com/biz/rachel-mintz-mobile-notary-public-los-angeles.

#3 Open 24/7

If you need notarization services in rush, no worries! There are trustworthy Mobile Notary Publics that offers 24/7 services to clients. They will immediately respond to your problem and meet with you on time.

Rachel Mintz Mobile Notary Public is the best example of a 24/7 notarization service. This office is available for appointments 24/7. You can see this helpful site to find out Rachel Mintz's office hours and booking of appointments.

#4 Professional Agents

A reliable notary public office has certified notary public agents who are professional with their job.

Rachel Mintz Notary Public is composed of agents who are skilled and knowledgeable of their work. They are professional, kind, and patient to clients. It shows on the client’s feedback and reviews after the service, which you will learn more by visiting their website.

If you need a notary public, Rachel Mintz can help you. Check out reviews about this office in LA, so you can figure out whether this office is worth your time and money.

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