No Water World

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like without water? Well, what if I told you that dream was a reality, you've just never heard about it. Our story starts in an uncharted, unnamed city. In this city, water was banned. There was water just a little way outside the city, but their leader did not like them using it or drinking it and didn't see why you need it, as dumb as that is. Now, back to the story.

 "Mom, do I have to go?" said Noah. He was fighting with his Mom about going to school. "You'll have fun when you get there. You can hang out with your friends...wait, you DO have friends right?" she said. "Of course Mom, I'm 16. You know Emma." "A GIRL?!?" she asked, clearly surprised. "Come on Mom," he said rolling his eyes. "Let's just go to school."

When he got to school, he met up with Emma in front of the cafeteria. They exchanged hello's and went to get breakfast. The school always had the same thing, waffles with milk or 100% orange juice. He got milk and she got orange juice. After breakfast, they went to class. They always had the same classes and always got in trouble for talking. At lunch, they designed a plan to get water back. They never agreed with the law that water was banned. "We'll talk about this later," said Emma. "The bell's about to ring." 

After school, they went to the library next to the school. Emma worked on their plan some more. "So what's the plan?" Noah asked; he had been looking at books about hydrology all that time. "Well, I thought we could start with writing a speech and taking it to our English teacher," Emma started. "Then see what she says." "Sounds great!" said Noah. He rarely ever argued with Emma because he had a "crush" on her and had for so long. "So let's get started on that speech," said Emma. "So, what books did you find?"

They worked on the speech until the library closed, then drove home. The next day at school, they went to their English teacher to ask for her opinion. "This is delightful," she said. "Might I ask what this is for?" "We thought we would take this to court and try to get them to overrule the No Water law," explained Noah. "Interesting," she said. "I say go right ahead." "Then let's take this to court!" said Emma excitedly.

They took the case to court and after many hours of sitting and listening to boring people speak as they would say, they won. Water wasn't banned anymore. Noah and Emma exchanged celebratory hugs and high 5s. They continued to hang out and when they got thirsty, they drank water. Not milk, not orange juice, but water.

                                                                        The End

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