Veterans' Hospital
Hospital Story

The construction of this building has a very rare and ancient look and has several legends of usage this building and his history as well. 

One of the veterans, Otar Ukhashvili tells the history of this building. He says it was built 200 years ago during the reign of King Nikoloz and it was used as a whorehouse (bordello).


The chief medical officer Tatyana Sanikidze says that this building belongs to 1919-1921 years and the purpose of construction was not to build the building for medical needs. Just in 1978 the academic Vladimir Sanikidze found the Hospital for War Veterans. According to her words, there was a hospital for veterans built after World War 2 in 1945 in Tbilisi but later with unknown reasons it was destroyed.

Nowadays building covers 4000m2.

It has about 200 employees.

There are 80 beds.

77000 veterans are officially registered in Georgia, and they consider as potential patients for War Veterans Hospital.

Hospital serves to every kind of veterans, from WW2 till 90s conflicts.

800 000 is the annual budget for everything: treating, salary funds, other expenses.




Slightly lighten room of three old women. They all came from different cities and places. They all passed different trips of life, but all three shares same trouble of war.

One of them Nino Kintsurashvili, 87 was a school girl. She left it in 7th class and started working at hospital, finished medical course there and worked at hospital whole life till pension.

Others, Nazi Lekveishvili-Meladze, 87 and Jenia Kuchava, 89 where wives of War Veterans. Now they are widows.

All three consider this hospital as another home. All they talk how important is the existence of this kind space for veterans.


Nino Kintsurashvili: "before they give medicine, doctors words are treating.."
Nazi Lekveishvili-Meladze: "I want this hospital to exist.."
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