Tree cut in Tbilisi
Tree cut in Tbilisi




Tree cut

For the latest years lots of trees are cut for various reasons. And the number of cut trees growing annually. Tbilisi City Hall announces a tender every year for cutting trees, where are written how much trees have to be cut.

For example in 2013, in Tbilisi city and nearby territory the number of sanitation purposing 55 trees were cut, when in 2016 - 69340.

During  the last 7 years in Tbilisi, for sanitation purpose 93 409 trees were cut. For city like Tbilisi this number is superior. When this is even added number of permission given by City Hall cut down trees - 4 922.  


Who regulates tree cut

Nobody has a right to cut down the trees - says low, “besides in exceptional cases”. In this case it means that the City Hall changes the Recreational Area rank, where the construction are prohibited and gives this Area the status, which special occasion arranges. Finally we get to the event is carried out legally, but the odds with this law.

Here are main exceptional cases:

When the tree has illness;

When the trees are hamper the construction;

When the tree damages building construction;

and this is confirmed by the authorized persons(experts);

Transparency International Georgia’s member Erekle Urushadze says that, in regulations there are lots of flaw. He makes an example about Kazbegi street case. Not Ecology and Greenery department in City Hall, decides the trees have to be cut for constructions. The investor of construction goes to Architecture department in City Hall with the project and if Architecture department approves this construction then investor goes in Ecology department, in case of, if in the territory where the building is planned there are trees and it disturbs construction, Ecology department have to approve to cut trees because Architecture department already approved the project. Then the investor have to hire expert of trees to study the trees recovery cost.  which is determined by the number of annual rings. This is the way how trees are sold from City Hall.



Tree price

All the green plants have their own price in lari.

This is called cost recovery, which is determined by the number of annual rings.

  1. For  high quality coniferous trees one annual ring cost.


2.  For low quality coniferous trees one annual ring cost.


3. For high quality deciduous trees one annual ring cost.


4. For low quality deciduous  trees one annual ring cost.



Most of the city’s green cover carved. According, the World Health Organization established norms, in a big cities for 1 capita, green plants norm should be 50 square meters.  In terms of the health, city is bad when the green space takes 10% of the territory. In Tbilisi just 2-5 square meters green plants comes for 1 capita. The lack of greenery contributes to air pollution easily. Because of air pollution the number of death in Georgia is one of the highest in world. This document depicts in reality, in what conditions Tbilisi inhabitants lives. And what number of trees are cut every year in city.



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