The Rise of Health Spa Travels and Resort Holidays

Spas used to be resorts visited only by wealthy and royal families. However, the rise of the middle class in the 20th century changed the tourist map of the world, which was a great opportunity for spas to expand their target audience, too. Nowadays, spas are more popular than ever, thanks to the unprecedented availability of different transportation solutions. If you can fly from Tokyo to Bavaria on a budget to spend two weeks in a spa, it is obvious that traveling and spas are two mutually inclusive fields of economy. 

Undergoing spa treatments includes different behavioral changes that every spa visitor needs to apply. Most spas require from their clients to follow a special diet that will add to the overall recuperation of the body. The great thing is that they offer their own specialties, which contribute to their overall offer.

Many spas produce better results thanks to the application of the holistic medical approach with proper medical supplies. Adapted diet is only one aspect of that healing method, which is why it is important that patients accept those nutritional changes. 

When people decide to search for a cure for their health issues in a spa, they should know that the methods they are going to meet there are often not only traditional medical procedures. Many spas apply a mixture of Eastern philosophy, modern science and medicine to treat their clients in a unique way. Such an approach is a two-lane road to success; firstly, the treatments are more effective and secondly, they make a difference among their rivals that do not opt for such innovative strategies. Due to such positive experiences with these getting such blended treatment from spa staff who have been through a course in rehab will take your spa experience to the next level. 

The omnipresence of the Internet has affected the tourist industry, as well. Nowhere is this as obvious as during vacation booking. With websites like TripAdvisor and Viator absolutely dominating all online travel promotion, hotels, resorts and spas found themselves in a situation where online presence is everything, and digital services are more. All-inclusive services like booking a hotel, a taxi or an airport shuttle bus, together with reserving a room are common, but they have been around for a while. Today, mobile apps are the tech craze that must be met for a positive ranking on the resort/spa social media. When booking online, these rankings and ratings are what puts resorts and spas (or any service-based business) ahead of the competition. In other words, social media ratings are the new word of mouth.


An interesting use of digital-app-meets-natural-reserve was initiated at UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center, where visitors are encouraged to record all natural phenomena they come across during their stay using their smartphones. This mutual distribution of information lets tourists play “civilian detectives”, with their opinions given credit, and the Center's researchers received an army of volunteers happy to help out and collect valuable scientific data about Lake Tahoe. This interactive app-roach has been lauded in every industry it found its way into, and spas and health resorts have been quick to take note.

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