Tbilisi Open Air
Music Breaks Free

The biggest musical festival in South Caucasus Tbilisi Open Air takes place annually in Tbilisi, Georgia and offers the great varieties of musical genres and performers. The festival usually lasts several days and the visitors can even stay on venue in specially organized camping zones. 

The festival offers not only well-known performers from all over the world but introduces the Georgian artists and bands. Some of them are already beloved by Georgian listeners, but some are new ones even for local audience as AlterVision group chooses them due to the contest of Newcomers.

The organizers usually assign personal managers to the artists on Tbilisi Open Air. These managers sometimes have to fulfill artists' strange wishes.




See the slideshow below to find out some capricious artists:




Placebo wanted to have as more Sushi as possible and strengthened their security with a body guard from Georgian Special forces.
Zemfira asked to bring Freesias (flower)
Tricky asked relaxing procedures and wanted to have Boxing punch bags while being in Tbilisi
Sergey Shnurov from "Leningrad" asked his favorite author's Joseph Brodsky's book
Sevdaliza asked socks and Yoga mat.

As organizers explain defining idea behind the festival is freedom. 

"This is freedom from stress, clichés, social controls, freedom to create and express, freedom to experience what is valued by every single one of us as individuals."

AlterVision group is not financed by the government. The spendings for festival comes from sponsor companies and sold tickets. Tickets' cost doesn't exceed 150GEL for several day pass. This price may seem ridiculous in comparison with foreign festivals' ticket price, but organizers try to meet with the economic condition of Georgia. Even paying almost 70USD isn't easy for Georgian music lovers, so AlterVision group provides different kind of discounts. For example, students bought tickets for 60 Georgian Lari in Tbilisi Open Air 2017.


See the chart of the most expensive music festivals in the world.

Music lovers are always interested in Tbilisi Open Air lineups and the lineups are different every year. One, three or five days once in a year becomes the issue of discussion for whole year. Tbilisi Open Air 2017 ended successfully and whole attention is towards the next year. 

Until we understand the lineup of Tbilisi Open Air 2018, let's check yourself and find out how diligent follower of Georgian Woodstock you are.


QUIZ: Guess the artists and bands who visited TOA since 2009.

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