Talking walls


Walls are not mute anymore. It is very hard to walk alone, as all the time city walls are talking to you. We admire, stop and think, agree or disagree with graffiti. Does not matter what is our attitude, they are the part of our walk and everyday life. You might think graffiti is a new thing, but the history counts from ancient times. There is interesting graffiti found in Pompeii, the ancient roman city about sexual boasting to the documentation of important events of the city. Yes, the usage of the graffiti is not changed, still they reflect the problems, the mood of the city. Love, politics, life philosophy, music different quotes from poets. You are never alone. I myself was never alone in Tbilisi, where walls where talking on every corner.


Walls are talking about everything, but especially about love. Love quotes, I love you’s are all around.


There’s an empty space inside my heart;
Where the weeds take root;
And now I’ll set you free;
I’ll set you free

Source: from Radiohead “Lotus Flower” song:


 Together with love notes, graffiti artist shares the problems of the society. There are some writings that are speaking out loud on every wall. Tbilisi is not fully accessible for people with disabilities, and it is very hard to walk and meet one on the wheelchair.




Lika Gagnidze; she was ”go vegan” activist and passed away on 2014 at the age of 25.
street art


Together with wall writings, nowadays we have talented street artists who can make the mute wall to a piece of art. It is interesting, that many artists keep their real names, or just use nicknames… but even if we don’t know the names, from the style we can easily understand who the artist is. An interesting fact about the artist: their success depends how short the graffiti will stay on the wall ... tough I want them to stay forever.


I was studying in Tbilisi for one year. Almost every day I was walking alone enjoying talking walls.

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