State Psychological Service effectiveness Under the Question Mark
State Psychological Service Center Effectiveness Under the Question Mark

State Psychological Service Center is available since April 2013. It offers psycho-social services for pupils (6-18 years old) with behavioral and emotional problems. But getting there is not very easy. 

Number of pupils who need psychological assistance is rising, while service is not expending. Neither the position of physiologist at schools is available. 


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WHY pupils apply for psychological service

 Problems of pupils applying to the Psychological Service Center are diverse. The center itself is specialized in behavioral and emotional disturbance.

Levan Zardalishvili, Deputy chief of the Resource Officers of Educational Institutions defines three groups of problems the psychologists mainly have to deal with.  


Levan Zardalishvili





Current problem trends among pupils

The number of pupils applying for the private psychological service is rising as well. Psychologist Nata Meparishvili defines the trends among problems she is facing during her private practice. Psychologist highlights the reasons that are recently observed as mostly increasing. 


Nata Meparishvili, psychologist.





Is there a necessity of integrating



school psychology tool in educational process?

 Forming of a kid into a full-fledged person mainly happens while learning at school. The school is an important environmental factor of learning new forms of communication, conflict resolution, problem solving and self-esteem development.

On the example of Dimitri, the story explores the problems pupils may have during the educational process. Are they ready for dealing with the problems in family, with classmates and teachers, or even with their own personality?  

Many people think that constant psychological consultations are necessary to avoid excesses during the educational process. Psychologists say the competence of the resource officers at school is not enough for fulfilling the functions and roles child needs during personal growth period, and there is a necessity of integrating school psychology tool into educational process. 


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