Rustavi Car Market after Euro 4 standard

One of car dealers in Rustavi said that in the past decades the city was accepting by people from capital as a not developed, little country side. Car business played an important role in economic growing of city. New buildings, restaurants started to build in city. Some businessmen invested money on real estate, some in restaurant business, others started to bring more cars from European countries. Everything was going good until the first rumors are be heard in 2013. The rumors about Azerbaijan government's decision not to allow export cars which dont meet the standards of Euro 4. Rustavi after Euro 4 is a story about people affected by this decision.


In January-April 2014 from Georgia to Azerbaijan exported 10.07 thousand cars on total sum $ 97.69 million, stated in a report released by "GeoStat" (National Statistical Service of Georgia).

  Euro-4 environmental standard (on emissions of hazardous substances)According to authorities, the share of this category in the total Georgian exports to Azerbaijan during the period amounted to 51.84 per cent.

Compared with the same period of last year, exports of passenger cars from Georgia decreased by 19.04%, and in quantitative terms - 2.43 thousand units. For comparison, in January-April 2013 from Georgia to Azerbaijan it was exported 12.5 thousand cars at 120.66 million dollars.

Reduction in the export of cars in Georgia related with transition of Azerbaijan to environmental standard Euro-4, from 1st of April, 2014. Introduction of Euro-4 significantly restricts the importation of used vehicles, which constitute a large part of imports from Georgia to Azerbaijan vehicles.

During the reporting period, Azerbaijan exported 1.25 thousand trucks on eight million dollars, which is 3.49 percent more (in terms of quantity - 0.24 thousand units) in January-April last year. For comparison, in January-April 2013 from Georgia to Azerbaijan it was exported 1.01 thousand trucks in the amount of 7.73 million dollars.

Cars are delivered to Georgia mainly from Germany and Holland.



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