5 Beautiful Patio Remodeling Ideas

Apart from being an important part of your home, your patio has a significant emotional value. First of all, a lot of people prefer to use it as a reading nook, which means that it is your No. 1 spot in the house for any kind of mental getaway. Moreover, a lot of people use it as a secondary living room, seeing as how the use it to greet their guests there during the warmer part of the year. Because of this, your next remodeling project should probably be on your patio. Therefore, here are five beautiful patio remodeling ideas for those who still haven’t made up their minds.

  1. An outdoors bar

Perhaps the first feature that could add value to your patio that comes to mind is installing an outdoor bar. In this way, you can turn your patio into an unofficial living room for the summer, seeing as how it will become an ideal spot for you to meet and greet your guests at. Apart from this, it will make the idea of throwing an outdoors party much more interesting. As for the costs of such a project, it all depends on your ambitions. While some of the more luxurious outdoor bars may cost as much as much as $12,000, more and more people prefer to build their own DIY bars, which can cost anywhere between $400 to $600.

  1. Secret garden

In the previous section, we discussed the idea of opening up your bar for public and turning it into an absolute hotspot of your household. However, what if you decided to take an opposite approach and turn your patio into a hidden oasis for you alone to enjoy. For this, you need to focus around two major elements, first, you need to find the right set of household plants to decorate your patio with and second, you need to invest in a diversity of plant holders. The more elements you add the better, which is why so many people tend to prefer repurposing old items in hopes of turning them into unique planters. Furthermore, going with garden figurines and water elements is always a welcome idea.

  1. Provide some shade

In a situation where you plan to spend most of your days on your patio, you need to ensure that it is adequately shielded from sun rays and rain. This, however, isn’t an easy task. Roof constructions are expensive and immovable, while parasols are… well… not stylish enough. Therefore, your safest choice would be to go with either a shade sail or a retractable awning. The latter idea is particularly popular with homeowners all over the world, seeing as how it is flexible, functional and frugal. In fact, for those who look hard enough, it is quite easy to find a budget awnings Sydney provider, ready to meet their demands.

  1. Add a fiery element

The next major idea worth exploring is adding a fiery element to your patio and in this way making it more vivid and more functional at the same time. The most expensive, yet probably the most aesthetic solution would be to install a Mediterranean outdoor fireplace on your patio. On the other hand, going with a fire pit might be equally as satisfying. This, however, has two downsides to it. First of all, you would have to go with slab instead of a wooden deck construction, which is a choice that a lot of people prefer. Second, it could be quite complicated with the closed off patio, while a removable shade sail or a retractable awning might still be in play.

  1. Time machine

In one of the previous sections (secret garden), we explored the possibility of playing with the impression that your patio makes on you. In other words, allowing you to transcend your geographical location and create an oasis on your own property. So, if the right design can help you travel through space, why not time as well. A lot of people prefer to decorate their home in a vintage style, yet, not nearly enough of them do the same with their home’s porch. Nonetheless, with the right choice of a coffee table, a couple of shabby chic chairs and an antique porch swing, you can easily transform your antique porch into something completely extraordinary.

In conclusion

One thing that these five ideas have in common is that they are all low-cost, low-effort and can make your patio completely unique. Adding a fiery element, a par or decorating it in a vintage style are all ideas that are completely out-of-the-box, and are, therefore, more than probable to leave all your guests in awe. Still, most of these projects need to be aimed at your own convenience and your own personal needs. After all, this is your property, your home and your patio.


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