Robert Khachatryan is 15. He lives in KulalisI village. He studies in the secondary school of the village. In his free time, he would have preferred to do sports, but unfortunately there were no places where he could exercise. For that reason, he decided to arrange a place on his own. There is all necessary sporting equipment at the place that he set up. Almost every village-dweller - adults and children go there. 



There are two sports clubs in Javakheti. One of them is in Akhalkalaki and the other one is in  Ninotsminda. More than 250 boys go to Akhalkalaki sports club. There are only 150 boys visiting the club in Ninotsminda


The sports equipment was made by Vahe Khachatryan, who is 8. He too lives in KulalisI village and goes to the village school. He is Robert’s cousin. Vahe helps Robert to make sports equipment and to install them. He is Robert’s closest friend and the first trainee of the gym where Robert also teaches others to exercise



Robert helps the children to train


For the first time ever a boxing competition was held in Kulalisi village. The organizers of the event were the trainees of GIPA Media Lab - Artyom Nalbandyan, Nazeli Khachatryan and Shaliko Nersisyan. Our special guests were Armen Grigoryan and Alik Kurikyan. The participants were aged 8 - 13 years. Presents for the winners were provided by GIPA Media Lab. Edgar Sargsyan, a boxing champion of Georgia from Kulalisi also attended the event with his friend. He carried out a small masterclass for children. At the end of the competition the children were awarded medals. Two participants won the first place. They were also given handwraps for boxing as presents. Two other participants took the second place and one participant took the third place.


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