We did so much work on this release that bumping the version to 1.0 felt appropriate. Most of the focus was spent on the experience of finding and reading stories. Some time was spent on the form for building the stories, but a complete overhaul of the story building system is needed and will be the focus of our next major release.

Here is a list of the new features.

General Features:

  • applied much nicer theme to the site
  • added notification system to alert you when new stories are published, your story is selected as a staff pick, comments are made, etc
  • allow users to follow other users and receive notifications when new stories are published
  • added RSS feed of all published stories

Story Building Features:

  • can customize url to story
  • can write summary of story (this is used on home page and when sharing on facebook)
  • added ability to indicate what language your story is in (allows users to filter on home page)
  • added categories to stories
  • added tags to stories
  • added ability to include online media (embed YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, etc)
  • can invite other users to be a collaborator on your story

Story Features:

  • can search, filter and sort published stories on home page
  • added story read counter
  • added share links
  • added comments
  • added like button
  • can embed stories in two formats: a pretty link or the full story
  • using bit.ly to create short URLs to published stories

User Settings Features:

  • can load an avatar for yourself
  • can customize url to user page
  • can write summary about self and this appears on your user page
  • can indicate the default language for your stories
  • can indicate which notifications you wish to receive
  • each user has their own page to show their published works

In addition to the new features, we also move StoryBuilder to a new server that does not suffer from the frequent power outages that occur in Tbilisi.

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