Sorry for no new updates in some time

We aplogzie for not having any updates for StoryBuilder in some time. We have been busy with other projects, including using the StoryBuilder platform as the basis for an NGO's media website. The... Continue


Section background audio now works for all sections; Fixed bug preventing image slideshow from appearing on mobile device Continue


Fixed bug in cloning process that was deleting images from the original story. Stories that were affected by this problem were fixed; Fixed bug in cloning process that was not cloning videos... Continue


Fixed the clone story feature so that it actually works; Simplified the rich-text editor to allow only important functionality Continue

How to embed online content

Currently, StoryBuilder has a form that allows you to embed some online media into your story. Currently the online media that is supported through this form is the following: Audio: Soundcloud... Continue


A few minor fixes and updates: Added ability to remove audio track from a section; Fixed the language and category filters on the home page so that they properly show the languages and... Continue

Version 1.0 Released!

We did so much work on this release that bumping the version to 1.0 felt appropriate. Most of the focus was spent on the experience of finding and reading stories. Some time was spent on the form... Continue

Power Outages

This past week our office, and therefore our servers, has lost power three times, one of them being almost an entire country-wide blackout. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused our... Continue

System Update - v0.6

added embed online media section; made story template work nicer on mobile devices; show form error messages in a nicer way Continue

System Update - v0.5

added a news section; added a feedback form; added the to-do list; now using pretty URLs for published stories; added pagination to stories on home page; fixed styles in text section for... Continue

System Update - v0.4

added horizontal image gallery section; added help text to forms; translated site completely into Georgian; moved all media files (images, videos, audio) into one table; started process for... Continue

System Update - v0.3

create a more appealing landing page; applied user authorization; ability to clone a story so it can be used as the start of a new story; ability to export a story so it can be hosted on any... Continue
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