Thea Ghvinadze
My Documentary
Documentary Film "Old Comrades"
Documentary, 47', 2017


Leri, 86, and Sandro, 87, met each other in the center for elderly people. Both of them seek friendship and compassion, rather then anything else. They also enjoy being members of literature club, writing poems and having an audience of their own.

Former choreographer – Leri, still lives with all-consuming passion – he wants to dance and teach others to dance as well – no matter if others don’t really care, or if they simply are too old to dance. When the elderly house prepares for the big concert, Leri has a quest to make dancing appealing to his old friend and choreograph a flawless duo performance … 


Documentary film "Old Comrades"






Place of Honesty

Photo story "Place of Honesty"
Long-term project


Photo project develops around the beneficiaries of the International humanitarian Association Catharsis -  a Charity House for aged people offering the emergency social services for those in need. 

Catharsis is most famous for its dining service but the majority of aged people here don’t care for dinner and healthcare much… They seek for relationships and common interests within a place uniting hundreds of beneficiaries. Joining writers’ society, political discussions, chess club, dance classes or performances help them forget about their age. 

The most important. Everyone here is honest - no place for adjusting roles and no time for lies. Real friends, real communication, real happiness and very real feelings. 

This project shows individual stories of aged people with different backgrounds, challenges and interests.  The story travels to different locations from their everyday life in Catharsis: from very basic social service to an art-connected activities, from conflict to friendship, from life to death.

 With this project I wanted to explore the atmosphere from inside, the mood I have never experienced anywhere else. 


Photo story
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