Market of Joy
Fun and Business in one place
Old and New, Fabrique and Handmade, Free and Cheap: Welcome to Flea Market

The new name can change the meaning of the thing.  Flea Market or just a vernisage is an open air market, where you can find anything you want.

Tbilisi hosts open air market in well-known Dry Bridge. Stalin’s portrait, old watches, cups, carpet, Soviet style things, you never know, what you can find there.

Together with ‘’traditional’’ open air market, on the other part of bridge in a nice park, on every second week of the month there is another vernisage, called flea market. 

Products and Prices

Handmade Notebooks- 10 GEL
Homemade cookies- 1 GEL
Handmade Braceletes- startring from 7 GEL
Earings- 5 GEL
Pins- 1 GEL
Handmade Coffee Cup- 3 GEL
Handmade Bottles- 5 GEL
Handmande Lamps- 17.25 GEL
Handmade Accessories- 5 GEL
Handmade T-shirts- 20-50 GEL
Dreamcatchers- 15-25 GEL
Handmade Table- 120 GEL, Chair- 65 GEL, Hanger for Accessories- 35 GEL, Folding Screen- 180 GEL
Small Books- 10 GEL
Purse- 10 GEL
Magic Sangria- 2 GEL
Meoba- 2 GEL
Stickers- 1-10 GEL
Cat- No money, just care
Georgian Traditional Drink: #MEOBA

The flow of young people brings you to the place. It is not just an open air market. It’s lifestyle that has special color, mood and sound. As in vernisage, here too, you can find used, new, handmade things. The only difference is that the prices are low and real. You can never listen barging the price.  

Earrings, rings, books, homemade cookies, dog with tag ‘’please adopt me’’, underwear, old cameras, vinyls, t-shirts with handmade painting and many other things are exposed together. It is a market out of marketing and sales theory.  

Place where people gather and spend nice time


Young family playing with a child, dog lovers, couples sitting under the tree, photographers who are skiing for different faces and many other different people with different occupation and race make the micro world of the market. Flea market is a market for leisure time. The place world is full of sound. The sound of the music together with loud loughs, talks with barking dogs make the place very vivid.   It’s colorful macro world full of fun and beauty. Everyone is very nice, and open for a friendship or just sharing their experience. 

Funny things you can find in Flea Market

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