Make It Colorful
About the Project

Make It Colorful is a social project funded through the Democracy Outreach Alumni Grant Program, by U.S. Embassy in Georgia. Project aimed to create long-lasting connection between young participants from three different locations (including 10 socially disadvantaged children from Bediani Children Center, 10 school kids from Tsalka - ethnic minority region in Georgia, and 10 high school students from Tbilisi) by introducing them to each other and engaging in different activities to promote healthy lifestyle, increase environmental awareness, as well as social responsibility among them.

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Event #1

First event took place in Bediani (small village in Kvemo Kartli region in Georgia, 2 hours drive from Tbilisi). 

The primary goal was to gather all 35 participants from 3 different locations and introduce them to each other.

With the help of Georgian Young Psychologist Association members, we have organized networking games and activities involving painting, singing and dancing, as well as presenting their own talents to each other.

Afterwards, 2 US exchange program alumni delivered presentations about FLEX, UGRAD and other study abroad opportunities. Also, shared their personal American experiences with kids.


Event #2

The second event took place in Tbilisi. Tsira Elisashvili from Tiflis Hamqari (NGO protecting historical heritage of the city) helped us to organize interesting and informative tour around historic parts of the capital. She introduced us with hidden gems of the city.

Afterwards, we attended evening ballet performance in Opera House, performed by the State Ballet of Georgia

Event #3

Third event took place in Tsalka public school.

Guest speaker Tamuna from Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association lead interactive workshop on human rights, focusing more on children’s rights and gender equality.

We watched a short documentary about underage marriages in Georgia created by United Nations Population Fund and had interesting discussion regarding this issue.

After the workshop we had a small excursion on Pharavani lake and Phoka monastery.

Event #4

Fourth event aimed to promote healthy and active lifestyle, as well as increase environmental responsibility among our young participants.

We've organized unforgettable two day-long camping trip in Dashbash Canyon Natural Monument. After small hiking and canyoneering, we spent amazing night around campfire and the next day organized clean-up activity across the canyon.

Event #5

Fifth event was a continuation of sports and active lifestyle promotion. We took kids for rock climbing in Tbilisi Botanical Garden. Professional instructor taught them how to climb.

Afterwards, we went to the movie.

Event #6

Sixth event was all about extreme and fun.

First, we went to the bowling center, then to Astra Park for carting.

event #7

Seventh event was the most colorful one.

With the help of three Georgian street artists, we organized small workshop on street art, afterwards we asked kids to draw their favorite characters on pieces of paper and then, with their participation we painted old grey buildings near Bediani public school.

Event #8

Eighth event took place in Tbilisi Open Air Museum of Ethnography, where we've organized GPS game competition for kids.

First they had small training on how to use GPS, then they had to use the device to find some locations/portals and clues to get to the final destination. This was a great way to make their visit in the museum more entertaining and memorable, also improve their coordination skills.

Afterwards we went to Rustaveli Movie Theater.

Event #9

Ninth event took place in Tbilisi.

We visited #26 Public School, had guest speaker from Greens Movement of Georgia, who spoke about environmental issues and challenges such as: climate change, global warming, pollution and conservation.

Afterwards, we all planted trees and some flowers around the school building.

event #10

Final event was unforgettable!
We went to the mountain top near Tbilisi Sea and paraglided with the help of experienced instructors from Georgian Paragliding Association.


In the evening we had a farewell party with live music, fireworks, delicious pizzas and karaoke.


As a result, participants of this project have information about FLEX/UGRAD and other study abroad opportunities; know more about human rights; have a better understanding of the environmental issues and challenges that we are facing nowadays; realized that healthy lifestyle can be extremely entertaining and fun; also had their first ballet, camping, hiking, canyoneering, climbing, paragliding and street art experience, and most importantly made friends from other parts of Georgia.
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