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Approximately 205 million pregnancies occur each year worldwide. Over a third are unintended and about a fifth end in induced abortion. However, unsafe abortions result in about 70,000 maternal deaths and 5 million hospital admissions per year globally.

One kind of abortion called selective abortion. Selective abortion is termination of pregnancy after learning the sex of the child.

Now South Caucasus countries have a highest rating for selective abortion.

By this link you can get deeply information  about statistics of selective abortion in worldwide and the South Caucasus countries  as well-


Azerbaijan is the second place for highest rating statistics about sex-selective abortion all around the world. It is not rare to hear of women who continue to have abortions until they give birth to a boy. Statistical trends also show that sex-selective abortions rose steeply when ultrasound testing became more common in the end of 1990s in this country.



Now Azerbaijan's parliament discusses a new legislation about selective abortion. IT calls- "Reproductive health". 

Musa Guliyev- the deputy chairman of the Committee on Social Policy, believe that this is the only way in order protect country face to demographic dangerous in future. 

Health expert think that prevent abortion with some rules will not be work in this field. Because in this situation parents can find different way for saving this pregnancy.  Main point is that  population have very wrong approach about baby girls. For correct this attitude we as a society need more time. If we can change society opinion about this issue, this problem will be solved as soon as possible. 

Mehriban Zeynalova, chairman of the ‘Clean World’ Women’s Support Center- does not think that to reveal the sex of the fetus During the ultrasound examination or to ban abortion is the solution for this problem.  According to Zeynalova in this case, criminal abortion, even a bribe may increase. Because women try to escape unwanted pregnancy. Solution to the problem is improving the status of women in society. For this purpose different training, conducting awareness campaigns can be useful for society. 


Opinion of Azerbaijan citizen is different about this legislation.


Gynecologist, Gulnara Sultanqizi also thinks that this is not way for solving problem. “If there will have any legislation against abortion women private women's welfare centers, or private clinics this process will be carried out . It is possible that women can find “legal documents” that this pregnancy is dangerous for her health and may have abortion” 


She think that most of the time women after learning the sex of the child are forced to  have an abortion at the insistence of husbands or members of his family. But women should remember that it is extremely dangerous to their health. First of all this is 40 % expectation that, after this abortion, women cannot be pregnant and 60 % expectation is that her next child can birth as disabled.



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