How would you describe a perfect boss?

Benjamin Franklin once said that if you want to lead, you must first learn to follow. Everyone starts as a follower, and only those who have mastered that art are able to advance to the next level, which is leading. There are many traits that define a true leader, and among them is the ability to make important decisions in crucial moments, having the right judgment, being able to motivate and inspire others and, the most important one, being able to cope with the pressure and consequences. If you possess these skills, and you know your way around people, there is a high chance you are fit to become a great leader.

Being able to communicate in the right way and pass ideas so that everyone understands you is another great trait which distinguishes leaders. Once you are able to articulate your business goals clearly, you are one step closer to finishing your task. Other important communication skills which define great leaders are active listening skills, giving feedback, successful participation in a two-way conversation, and being able to provide valuable and topic-related information when requested. 

Each team has the strength equal to the strength of its weakest member. That is why team building exists. Being able to draw the deepest and most-hidden ideas out of your teammates can be a game changer in your business plan. Also, a perfect boss will know when to initiate a business team building to develop creative brainstorming, and when to initiate a bonding team building where members will connect on a more emotional and deeper level. Working with people who are close to you can inspire you to strive further and think harder.

After a successful task, a perfect boss will reward his team with something that is both inspiring and in the same time showing gratitude for a work well done. Whether it is corporate gift cards,paid vacations, cash checks or simply a lunch, a reward is something that every employer expects after performing well for a certain period of time. Also, by receiving rewards for a successfully accomplished task, employees will get inspired to perform even better in the future and will show more respect and gratitude towards their boss. 

It all comes down to respecting each other at work. A perfect boss will acknowledge others for their individual value and contribution to the team. The first essential rule of becoming a leader is getting people’s respect. Once you have established a strong working policy based on mutual respect and collaboration, you are one step away from becoming a great leader.

These traits are the ones which all great bosses have, and represent the abilities that make a difference. If you want to be someone’s boss, ask yourself the following question: Are you able to follow?

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