How to Take a Gap Year in Australia

Many students before they apply and go to college take a gap year to gain an unforgettable life experience. If you’re thinking about taking the year off to explore the world and find your place in it, Australia might be just the right spot for you.

Whether you want to travel, work, learn something new, or have fun, Aussie cities have to offer many opportunities for people with an adventuristic spirit like you. Even though a year seems like a long time, it will pass in a snap of a finger. Here’s how to use your time the best way possible.

1. Make sure that this is what you really want

Travelling to the other end of the world can be exciting and frightening at the same time. It’s an ideal opportunity to be independent, see and learn something new. Once you decide to take this big step, there is no going back. 

So, make sure that a gap year in Australia is what you really want. As Australia is marked as one of the expensive countries, make sure you have a large budget or be prepared to find a part-time or back-packers job there. On the other hand, if you do decide to go, you’ll have the time of your life and gain experience no one can take away from you. 

2. Travelling on a budget

Many students don't have a huge budget when taking a gap year. Therefore, consider finding an additional way of income while you're away. It can be a part-time job in a restaurant or hotel or remote work you can do from anywhere.

In many Aussie cities, you can volunteer in exchange for accommodation and food. So, consider that option as well. You can stay in cheaper hostels and meet wonderful new people or try couch surfing if you’re feeling adventuristic and open enough.

3. Mark priority spots you want to visit

Keep in mind that Australia is an entire continent! There are plenty of different things to do and see, especially if you plan to stay there for the entire year. Australia has a lot of hidden gems, so think outside of the box. Visiting big cities and monuments is fun, however, exploring nature and villages will give you a taste of what’s Australia really like.

Make a list of some things you want to see and do in Australia. Try to create a plan according to that. Don't neglect hidden beaches, popular hiking trails and hitchhiking to the other part of the country. Every centimetre of this magnificent land will impress you. 

4. Don’t forget to get the taste of the culture

Australia is a country with rich culture and traditions. It would be a pity if you missed some of the authentic Australian customs and places. So, instead of visiting bars and restaurants, head to some of the best Australian festivals and free events. That’s how you’ll really get to know what people are like.

Don’t avoid Australian food. You can even ask locals to teach you how to make traditional Aussie meat pie and impress your friends when you get back home. Australia has a lot of natural reserves, so don’t forget to pay them a visit as well. You’ll see a lot of indigenous animals and plants you may have never seen before. 

5. Before you go

You need a thorough preparation before you take your gap year and travel to Australia. One of the first steps you need to do is apply for the visa. Hopping on the plane is easy, but choosing and getting the adequate visa type can be tricky.

For questions like these, it would be best to consult the reliable immigration lawyer in Sydney who can help you deal with difficult situations. This professional is trained to provide you with personalised services and expert advise on any matter regarding your gap year in Australia. So, don’t worry, consult a lawyer to ensure that everything will go just right. 

6. Don’t forget to enjoy!

Taking a gap year to travel one of the most exotic and exciting countries in the world is once in a lifetime opportunity. You'll meet a lot of new friends and have the time of your life exploring different regions of this magnificent country.

Don’t forget to have a flexible schedule. Not everything will go according to the plan and that is okay. Have fun and experiment with the time you have there, so, you can return home filled with fantastic memories and unforgettable experience from this marvellous country.


Taking a gap year is brave and exciting. You need to plan some things in advance to survive the entire year away from home. However, you should also keep an open schedule for unplanned road trips and excursions you’re going to take. Take care of the budget and don’t forget to meet locals and try the fantastic food. But, most importantly, have fun!

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