How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Watch?

Wristwatches have several functions. Aside from it can remind you of certain matters and tell time, it also has a lot to say about your personality and style. Your watch can help people in determining what kind of person you are, what kind of career you have, and what kind of interests you have. Although you might be unaware, your watch has been helping you in creating your brand.

Most people want to build a personality based on what they want people to see. As a result, they will be purchasing things that will help them achieve that goal. If you are going to purchase a watch based on your personality, you might as well want to protect it by reading additional tips from this website.

Here are some awesome tips that can help you extend the lifespan of your wristwatch:

  • Let experts examine your watch

If you want to check or clean the interior of your watch, it is best to bring it to an expert. Never try to open the watch and fix the problem yourself. Aside from you can mess up the mechanism inside, you might allow dirt, dust, and other small particles to enter and harm the watch.

  • Do not leave your watch near magnets

The functionality of a watch might be affected if you leave it near magnetic areas or things. If possible, do not expose your watch to magnets for a long period.

However, in case a situation cannot be avoided, make sure to have the watched checked by a professional right after the magnet exposure.

  • Store it in a watch box

When you bought your watch, it came with a packaging or a watch box. Although it is tempting to throw it in the trash, make sure to keep it for future use. You can use it as a storage box if you are not wearing your watch. This way, you can keep your watch in good condition and protect it from scratches.

If you have already thrown away your watch box, you can always buy one from the store or online. There are even manufacturers that create watch boxes that can accommodate several watches. This kind of box is perfect for people who love collecting wristwatches.

If you want to place your collection in one beautiful watch box, you can check out certain sites to learn more.

  • Avoid chemicals

Your watch should not be in contact with certain chemicals such as lotions and perfumes. If you use these chemicals on a daily basis, make sure to let them dry first before wearing your wristwatch.

For leather watches exposed to chemicals, it will weaken the material and eventually tear it. While for metal watches, those chemicals can cause rust which can damage the appearance of the watch.

  • Service your watch regularly

It is recommended that you bring your watch to watch makers regularly to have it checked. If you own vintage watches, then the more reason you need to have it serviced.

Both quartz and mechanical watches should be checked by experts every five years.

Everyone wants to extend the lifespan of the things that they are using. With watches, you can do it by following the tips above and getting a good storage box from a reliable online shop for watch boxes.

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