Guide Through Brisbane For Couples

The capital of the Australian state of Queensland and the third-largest city on the continent is deservedly considered one of the best places to live in Australia. "The City of the New World" (this is the official nickname of Brisbane) in terms of the number of skyscrapers may well compete with New York, and tourists will also like the unique nature. Welcome to hospitable Brisbane! What are the most romantic places that you must visit?

1. Tower "Aurora"

This name was given to a skyscraper with a height of 207 meters, which was inaugurated in 2005. This residential building has 69 floors. There are more than four hundred standard apartments and 54 two-storey luxury apartments.

There are 18 penthouses on four floors. The building provides maximum comfort for its residents. There is an entertainment area with a heated swimming pool, a cinema, modern aerodynamic rooftop ventilation. Used progressive means of ensuring the safety of people. The tower is located next to the railway station and the largest shopping centres.

2. Botanical Garden

A botanical garden is located near the highest mountain on the outskirts of Brisbane on an area of ​​52 hectares. It was opened in 1976 by the decision of the city authorities. It has created unique thematic expositions, where there are areas of Savannah and rain forest, reservoirs with beaches. Visitors can admire the Japanese garden and bonsai garden, fern alley, bamboo thickets, a rich collection of unique Australian plants. There are a promenade, fountains, a Ferris wheel, Suncorp Square, Nepal Peace Pagoda, shops and restaurants.

3. Brisbane Eiffel Tower

One of the interesting sights of the city is a twelve-meter metal copy of the famous symbol of Paris. Its outline, proportions and design features are fully consistent with the original. It is part of a popular restaurant in the city, which visitors enter through the base of the tower. This construction is especially impressive at nightfall when the illumination is lit on it, and a complete feeling of presence in the city of love is created.

4. Art theatre

One of the oldest amateur theatres in Brisbane has a rich history. The development of the art of Australian theatre is associated with it. It was founded in 1936, but the theatre was able to acquire its own stage only in 1959. It is extremely popular with the theatre community and city residents.

5. Brisbane Cathedral

In December 1989, the cathedral of the Roman Catholic Episcopate of Brisbane was consecrated. It was laid back in the 19th century, and the main construction volumes were completed by 1922.

Local sandstone, tuff and porphyry were used for construction. Munich stained-glass windows on its Gothic windows became an amazing decoration of the cathedral. On sunny days, they create an amazing play of light on the floor and walls. The peculiarity of the architecture of the cathedral is the feeling of the immensity of the internal space created by high ceilings and optimal planning.

6. Story Bridge

This cantilever bridge, which connects the banks of the river on which the city stands, is named after the prominent Australian politician John Douglas Storey. The bridge was built in four years and was inaugurated in October 1939. It made it possible to divert traffic from the city centre. Its design is similar to that of Jacques Cartier Bridge in Montreal, a bridge in Canada that opened in 1930. It became one of the favourite bridges of the townspeople. Since 2005, it has hosted bridge climbing competitions.

7. Brisbane River Embankment

The South Brisbane Waterfront is a great place to spend time and has a romantic walk. It is visited by millions of tourists every year. There is a beautiful park, decorated with sculptures with streams, shady alleys and public beaches. From the Ferris wheel, you can observe the sights of the city and its environs. And don't forget to bring flowers to your date! Professional florists in Brisbane will gladly help you out with the right choice.

8. Koala Park in Brisbane

In 1927, in a Brisbane suburb, a 4.6-hectare koala park was established, called the Lonely Pine. It came from the only pine tree planted here by the creators of the park, on which two koalas lived. Today it is the oldest park in the world where such animals live.

Here, in addition to them, you can find kangaroos, wombats, echidna, Tasmanian devil, platypus, rare reptiles. The park is home to vibrant Australian parrots, emus, cassowaries and other rare birds. Visitors are attracted by the daily show of birds of prey, demonstrating their agility and keen eyesight.

9. Roma Street Park

This park is located in the centre of Brisbane, on 16 hectares. It is named after the former train station, now a metro station. It was opened in 2001 and it is the largest subtropical garden in the city centre in the world.

There are many native plants and flowers from all over the world. They are planted in such a way that the flowering periods do not coincide. Thanks to this, the park is in flowers all year round. You can visit the amphitheatre, on the stage of which local and foreign creative groups perform.

10. Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium

Is there a more romantic place than a planetarium? Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium

was opened in May 1984 and named after a famous astronomer who explored the southern sky. He is often referred to as the founder of science in Australia. During his work in the country, he made a number of important discoveries, created the "Brisbane Star Catalogue". A planetarium and a lunar crater are named after him. Today the planetarium is equipped with the latest instruments for observing distant stars. Fascinating lectures and stargazing are regularly held here.


The city of Brisbane has preserved landmarks imbued with the spirit of the Victorian colonial past, organically combining them with unique examples of modern architecture of the business and cultural centres, surrounded by delightful tropical parks and gardens.

Follow our list, and we are sure that you'll spend a wonderful time in this beautiful city!

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