Guerrilla gardeners
How it all started

Guerrilla gardeners who are they? What are they doing and for what they are famous? Who can become guerilla gardener? How they can be found and how to join them?

Guerilla gardeners are not members of organization, neither they are members of NGO they are ordinarily residents of Tbilisi, who became famous for their protest against the construction of a hotel in the green zone of Vake Park. 


Guerrilla Gardeners became known and very popular in December 2013 when the fight for the Vake Park began. Due to the very clever strategy and hard word in Social media guerilla gardeners became very famous not only for Georgians or Tbilisi residents but also there were many articles in the Armenian press and also in other places and that become a reason that many foreigners became guerrilla gardeners and joined the movement to protect the green area in Vake park. 


Solidarity with the movement

Since December 2013 Guerrilla gardeners built their camping zone in Vake park. Even if the construction of the hotel is totally stoped now Vake activists never leave their camp. They are there during the whole day, everyday in a year!

Guerrilla Gardeners choose entertainment as a way of struggle. Probably this is why many young people, student or just foreigners joined them. They showed that struggle is not only rallying, marching and piketing but also dancing and planting plants can be a way of struggle!


During the morning hours there are only 2-5 people in the area most of them are young people and foreigners are majority but after 5pm many guerrila gardeners are joining them. 

In the morning they are cleaning the area, renovate the camping area, cook something to eat, in the evening mostly they sit in a circle and starting to play guitar, singing and enjoying the evening together. At night they are making barbeque of ptatoes or some other dish in their hand made tone :)

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