Future-Proof Your Career in 6 Easy Steps

In the rapidly changing job market of today, where new technologies create and knock out jobs every couple of months by the looks of things, keeping a steady career can be a proper challenge.

You’re a translator working for the government? (Or any other institution, for that matter.)

Well, you got to watch out for those wee contraptions from hell that can talk in stranger tongues and replace your sorry bottom very soon, indeed.

You’ve created a career of slicing fish open in China?

Look out, that robot looks suspiciously handy with a knife, fish boy or fish gal!

The thing is, no one is safe anymore from being replaced or having their job of choice disappear from the market altogether. But, if you're willing to put in some effort, you'll not only be able to prevent this but also be one step ahead of the ever-changing market and flourish! We meant flourish professionally. In the professional sense. Not otherwise, that’d be weird.

In this article, we’re going to propose to you six steps you can undertake in order to make your career absolutely, positively future-proof!

Without further ado, here’s the lot, folks.

The 6 Steps for Future-Proofing Your Career

1) Find a Job with a Company That Invests in Its People

Invest in employees

One of the best ways to hamper your career growth and stump it into the ground well would be to NOT get a job at a company that values its employees enough to let them grow.

The thing is, no matter how fast the market is changing, a firm that is vibrant and competitive will always make their employees work hard and then reward them with promotions and higher positions within their structures. Or they might provide coaching opportunities to help you excel, from spaces like Upskill Coach.

In order to make the best of this, try to find a company like this and then convince them to hire you!

2) Always Look at the Bigger Picture

Investing your energy and hard work in a failing project is not the smartest way to go about securing your career prospects, is it?

While working hard is a must if you mean to succeed in the job market, under no circumstances should you ever forget to also work smart. Make sure to always take some time to reassess your career progress and see how you can make yourself even more attractive for potential employers or more liable for promotions at your current company.

3) Develop Grit

Being deathly afraid of getting fired will not be of any use to you when it comes to cementing your career path.

What you have to understand and understand it well is that sometimes even if you work hard, things may not always go your way, so do expect some failure and annoyance down the road. Heck, you can even end up fired if the wrong sort of stuff happens at exactly the wrong time.

So, as long as you’re ready to face any challenge that may come your way, you’ll be on your good way to developing grit – one of the most important qualities in your professional life and life in general.

4) Keep Up With the New Trends

new skills

No matter how skilled you are in your current job or how well you’re doing it, you should always keep in mind that virtually all professions and professional fields are changing rapidly nowadays.

Whether it’s agriculture, IT, government offices, or schools, new technologies and workplace trends are always just around the corner! So, if you want to ensure you’ll have the same job a couple of years down the road, make sure to acquaint yourself with all the new stuff quickly and adapt on time.

5) Learn New Skills

… and even those that are not necessarily related to the field you’re in. (But it’d be better if they were, of course.)

Every new skill counts. Whether it’s a new language you’ve mastered, or you’ve learned to code, or make wooden structures – a skill you can use can always come in handy in the workplace.

Heck, even being able to repair a broken coffee machine will earn you some respect in your workplace!

6) Maintain a High Level of Tech-Savviness

Keeping track of your monthly earnings, the to-do lists you write every day, as well as your bank account statements, all come in predominantly electronic forms nowadays.

So, if you’re sort of a lazy person that does not think much of bettering themselves for the sake of their job and would like to only do the bare minimum if possible – invest your time in getting to know the high-tech stuff.

Learn how to operate a computer thoroughly (if you haven’t already), figure out how to turn on a projector and use that undersized remote control, get friendly with the printer, and Bob’s your uncle!

All in all, future-proofing your career is more about perception than about actual hard work. The most important thing to do is to keep the new trends in mind (especially the technological ones), to make sure you follow them and to be aware of the changes around you, and there you have it!

Oh, and remember, the willingness to learn, adapt, and overcome always comes in handy when some change comes about.

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