Forestland-hot summer in Croatia
Forestland in Croatia
Electronic music festival in Croatia

Forestland festival has been happening since 2013 and every year it continues for two days. this year was like three stages, 40 DJ's, camping and thousands of people. The festival catered to lovers of electronic dance music. Forestland is an electronic dance music festival that takes place in Međimurje County, Croatia. It has received media coverage and is one of Croatia's most popular electronic music events.

Music lovers are always interested in Forestland lineups and the lineups are different every year. Forestland festival is entering  its fifth year of existence. The team behind Forestland for 2017 announced new artists, more activities and the return of the legendary #Forestroom stage, but also some big names, which will make this festival even more memorable. 

LINEUP Main Stage 
► Mahmut Orhan
► Mark Otten
► Jimmy Clash
► Lawrance Apaga
► Radiology

Festival tickets
The place where the festival is held
People came with their own flags
One guy from Romania
Festival begins
DJ Tanko brothers
DJ Timo
Artist with fire
DJ Mahmut Orhan
DJ jimmy clash
Hot summer
forestland as greenest Croatian festival

Forestland is special for all music lovers. This is greenest Croatian festival, in the middle of the forest.  Though the festival is a gurgling stream, a bit further is the lake and all of that combined with excellent music, international artists and a multiday party. 


The festival is especially popular among young people
Forestland-great chance for youth

If you want to meet people and have a great time all together, if you want to have a great weekend with music in Croatian, you should go to this festival. You gave chance to become one of the participants of hot summer. 


The festival exudes a friendly atmosphere for the visitors. Everything is extremely positive
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