Forced to Abandon Home

The village of Khurvaleti is the adjacent next to the occupation line. The Village has been split into two after Russian-Georgian war of 2008. Some of the houses of locals have left on the occupied side and the second half of the village is being emptied out gradually.

Ushangi Khukhashvili, 67, lives in Khurvaleti with her wife. He says that people left their village mostly because of fear and poverty.


Data Vanishvili, 84, is one of the settlers of Khurvaleti. After Russian-Georgian war his house has been left in occupied territory, so Data isn't allowed to cross so-called border. The wire fence cut him off. In spite of the difficulties he refuses to get foreign citizenship.

"I was born in this house. I lived here for 84 years as Georgian citizen. I won't change the citizenship now. That's Georgian Territory." - says Data Vanishvili.

Data's family members have left Khurvaleti, so he lives in the village with his wife alone.

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