New Years Resolutions
New Year Resolutions 2020

The 1st of January is a day that is known for offering a fresh start to all of us. It is also seen as an opportunity to expose ourselves to new challenges and pursue new goals. It is very common to see people post lists on their social media of goals they would like to accomplish or places they would like to visit.

Some people consider it a lovely tradition and state that this tradition motivates them to enroll in new activities or retake those they left behind. But there are also people that are not a fan of this tradition and say that the first of January is just a normal day and people should make these resolutions on a daily basis, not because of a day that isn’t different to any other day.

Among the most common resolutions, there are goals such as losing weight, learning new languages, trying different foods, getting a job and traveling more.

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But most of the new year resolutions require a strong commitment and a serious effort to be accomplished, efforts that a lot of the people are not willing to make or unable to persist through the whole year. This results in the fact that most of the resolutions are just talk or failed goals.


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