Naniko lives in a private house in Tbilisi. Last spring, when cleaning the garden, she collected the leaves and other household waste and set them on fire as she thought there was no room for unnecessary waste in her garden. Naniko did not know how dangerous this ‘harmless act’ was for the environment and her own health. Naniko also did not know that burning leaves and household waste would incur a fine.



According to the waste management system, burning leaves and other household waste is a 200 Lari fine. Burning tires and rubber is a 500 Lari fine. The number of violations to date has been very low. The waste management system was introduced in 2015 and through March 2017, 127 people were fined for burning leaves and household waste, while 178 people got fined for burning tires and rubber.



Burning leaves and household waste is a crime that harms each and every one of us.
If you see someone burning leaves, household waste, tires or rubber, please inform the Environmental Supervision Department on its toll free number 153.

Why should we not burn leaves and other waste?



Burning leaves and other household waste may cause cardiovascular diseases, respiratory system diseases, coronary artery diseases, stokes, lower respiratory tract infections, and other pulmonary illnesses including lung cancer.


What is the solution?

The leaf is an important product of nature and has an economic value. In case of composting or mineralisation, it can become a useful fertilizer. 


For more information, please visit : http://bit.ly/2toDNlR



Interview with Nia Giunashvili,  Advisor of the Department of Non-Degrading Diseases of the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health.

Ministry of Internal Affairs Georgia, 2017

Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection of Georgia, 2013 



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