Back to Childhood

Sona: What do you feel when you’re playing? 

Satenik: It's a feeling of pleasure. I adore the sound coming from my left hand, estranging from the antenna. The sound is so close to my soul.

Sona: The most important thing in music. 

Satenik: It’s the sound, how I create it. How I connect the sound to another one, how I serve it. This instrument is a bit different. It takes long time to learn how to treat it, and make whatever is in your mind. 

Sona: How do you feel, are you already there? 

Satenik: I think I am slowly getting there. Each tone is so important and precious. Getting the correct sound, what is written or what I try to get to is more important for me.

Sona: Is theremin the very instrument which helpes you get that feeling? 

Satenik: Yes, this is surely THE instrument. I can express the music that I write. I wanted to do insane, crazy, abnormal things from my childhood. It is like the universe, the god, the nature gave the opportunity to me. They gave me an instrument, which is not ordinary, you are playing it on air, without touching anything. It is what I am, that's why I like it.

Sona: This instrument is not very popular. 

Satenik: There are very few crazy people in this world who play on it. When I first saw it I was astonished. I got the instrument and was kind of afraid of it.I didn't know how to approach it. It took me quite a while until I finally got to it. It opened a door to another world for me, where I used to live being a child. 

Sona: What did theremin change in your life? 

Satenik: It got me back to childhood, where I lived with fairy tales, dreams. I don't know why they disappeared after I got old. The school  made me forget about my dreams. Only with my children I returned to my dreams. Theremin helped me finding a child again in myself. 


An experimental play of Vika (Satenik's daughter)


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