"Addicted to internet"

Do you find yourself using internet longer than you intended? Do people complain to you about the amount of time you spend online? Are you constantly scrolling your social media accounts? Do you have job performance or productivity problems because of the time you spent online? If your answer is “yes” to these questions, then you most likely have internet addiction problems. Although internet is one the greatest achievements of humanity, it has some bad influence on people, as well. Even small kids addicted to video games, therefore, today concentration and attention span problems regarding with internet addiction are common enough. Some people send their children to chess schools, because chess always had a good reputation among people as the smartest game ever possible. Chess is also very beneficial regarding with concentration, patience and attention span. However, internet is changing and reshaping chess, as well. 


Official of Georgian chess Federation and international master Sophie Nikoladze says that chess is still very popular, but many things changed, too. Above all, today many people simply are not able to sit, for example, for six hours to play chess or watch games. “Nowadays many people addicted to internet – Sophie approves: recently I had been in a place, there I observed a group of teenage girls sitting together, but communicating with each other via their smartphones. They created group chat and made a conversation. This tendency is influencing chess, as well. Today rapid and blitz games became more popular among people than classical chess. Of course, among top players and professionals classical chess is still mainstream. However, because of severe computerizing, games of many modern chess players' became boring. Nowadays we mostly can’t see that creative and beautiful games of old masters, such like Capablanca or Alekhin.”

Despite everything, Sophie is confident that despite everything, with the help of chess, people can develop patience, concentration and analyzing skills.


Internet is also became the essential part of preparation of chess players, but they rarely use social media and other similar web sites. Georgian chess player Lali Bibilashvili believes that overuse of such websites will definitely affect every players' performance, because routine and   discipline is vital thing for every professional player.  

“I'm sure that today many people, especially children have big problems related to concentration and attention span. I do not assume, I do know that many children have similar problems. My mother is chess trainer and once I coached little players, too. The concentration and focusing skills of most children are simply horrible. The addiction of children to gadgets is not a good tendency at all. I don’t support those parents who give such things to children’ hands.”

If you must not do something important on internet, how long you could not use internet? Indeed some addicts do not know that they actually have addiction problems.  For such kind of people even one hour without internet might be a disaster. Internet addicts can experience anger, anxiety, boredom, mood swings, sadness and loneliness, even physical discomfort and medical problems without internet. Therefore, psychologists are warning people about being aware how effectively they are using internet.

"Internet is essential part of our lifestyle, but we should aware that we are using internet or internet is using us", says psychotherapist Nina Gogokhia.

According to psychotherapist good nutrition, good sleep, good interpersonal relationships, in short, in all means healthy lifestyle could be a good solution to get rid of problems caused by internet addiction.

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