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About accredo center

Accredo Centar is a unique center in this part of Croatia, at the same time the seat of Accredo d.o.o. Paintball Shop's Accredo. Within the open-air and indoor area, it is possible to organize various events: Team building, student trips, birthdays, girls and girls entertainment, receptions, promotions, space rental, etc.

The center is fenced and has its own parking lot. The property in the center offers all the benefits of civilization (wardrobe, showers, fireplace, kitchen, refrigerator, picnic area with grill, terraces, additional tent for 30 persons, apartment with dozen beds, WiFi, MaxTV, Wii Nintendo ... ). The room is adapted for outdoor and indoor dining. The indoor space capacity of the center is 50 people, while the capacity of the open space is 130 people. The Accredo Center is a closed-type site so it works by announcing and pre-arranged program for each group.

paintball, quad driving, berg go-karts on pedal, archery, hockey bowling, human table football, rock climbing, table tennis, shooting air rifle, splatmaster game, duel pistol, airsoft Duel, darts, adrenalin park, frizbee golf,  zip-line, funny alka, slacklining, volleyball with towels-These are activities which people can take within the center. 

Concept of programs

programs are organized as a combination of socializing, relaxation, but also competitions in a pleasant and decorated ambiance of the Accredo Center. Teams placed in teams are competing in various exciting ways
Disciplines that are not quite everyday.

Event organized in this way ensures the constant engagement of the participants and leaves no room for tanning or the like.  Every group for socializing and relaxation is at the disposal of the entire infrastructure of the center - terrace, Wardrobes, living room, showers, holiday desks, refrigerators, kitchens, accessories, barbecue, etc. 

Gastronomic contents can be organized in several ways and are specifically agreed with each group. Main goal is to give each of our guests a unique experience, expand their vision, learn new sports skills, relax and relax through all-day socializing. Of course all this in the fresh air and the natural environment full of greenery.

years of experience, professional approach and special adaptation to each group guarantee a unique experience when visiting center.

Source: Tatia Shaishmelashvili
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