7 Decorating Myths to Stop Believing Right Now

1. Small Rooms Have to Be Painted White

You have definitely heard that lighter colours and especially white are essential for smaller rooms. Sure, if you’re really into the white and clean look and actually care about the room appearing visually bigger, you can opt for white. But will white paint actually make your small room bigger? Absolutely not. If you’re truly worried about the space you have, make the most out of it with proper furniture placement. The choice of wall colours has nothing to do with that and you can freely exercise your creativity by using bold colours and patterns if you’d like. What’s more, this can add much-needed interest to the room, especially if your furniture is minimal.


2. You Should Never Use Dark Shades for Your Interior Walls

Why shouldn’t you use dark colours for your rooms? If you’ve thought about it, it means that you like this look. And that’s all that matters. What’s more, dark colours don’t instantly mean cold and uninviting. Actually, rich dark tones can be very warm, evoke the feeling of luxury and add a touch of dramatic. When paired with vibrant furniture and other décor, darker rooms can look absolutely amazing. 


3. Patterns and Prints Don’t Mix Well

Says who? Matching different prints and patterns in your interior can actually elevate the look of your rooms, create texture and add warmth. If you want to try out wallpaper together with unique furniture upholstery and/or cushion patterns, feel free to try them out. Actually, mixing different prints and patterns can work rather well, as long as you make sure that they feature similar colour tones. Also, you can see for yourself whether a certain match works for you or not. 


4. You Shouldn’t Use Outdoor Décor Indoors

Actually, you should use whatever you want both indoors and outdoors when it comes to your home décor and personal environment. For instance, wall cladding may be a go-to solution for many home exteriors, but when you install cladding indoors, you can enjoy a more rustic and warmer feel in your own space. If you generally like the cabin look, this is a must-have for your design and décor projects. Furthermore, some plants are considered appropriate only for the outdoors. Unless it’s absolutely impossible for that plant to grow indoors, you don’t have to mind this guideline at all. If you want a climbing plant for example, get a nice planter and enjoy it in the comfort of your own interior as well. 


5. There’s a Basic Furniture Layout to Be Followed

Again, you’re the one living in your home and, in that sense, you’re arranging the furniture to suit your own needs. This means that there’s absolutely no reason why you should purchase something “basic” if you won’t get much use out of it. For instance, a large couch is always considered to be the focal point of the living room, but if you live alone and don’t have much space, you may enjoy a smaller sofa better. Or you may really like the Japanese seating style with floor cushions. You’re the judge to whether something in your home is functional or not. In that respect, you can even put a bathtub in the middle of your bathroom – it doesn’t have to be next to the wall at all cost.


6. Everything Should Match Perfectly

Pick your curtains to match your wall shade. Choose decorative throws and cushions to coordinate well with your sofa. Buy wooden items that have the same wood shade. All these rules may be helpful for someone who truly likes such an orderly concept, but the fact of the matter is that you don’t have to stick to these guidelines at all! What’s more, eclectic décor style is getting more popular every day, which allows you to literally introduce different design styles into your interior, thus creating a perfect balance out of “chaos”.


7. Minimalism is the Way to Go

Minimal lifestyle has become really popular and even though it has many benefits and you should definitely work on becoming a more conscious consumer, it can also add unnecessary pressure to homeowners. True minimalism is about keeping the things that spark joy in you. So, if you like to have more accessories and other decorative bits and bobs, feel free to enjoy them! After all, strict minimalism is definitely not for everyone. If you really feel your best when surrounded with your favourite things, don’t feel pressured to discard them. You may want to try arranging your decorative items in groups of three to create a more impactful effect and save space.

Just like you have the freedom to choose your own outfits and fashion style, you have all the freedom to organize and decorate your home the way you like and enjoy it the most. And if that means ignoring the common “decor rules”, so be it!


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