6 things to think about when renting storage units for your stuff

Being minimalist in lifestyle and decluttering things that you don't need sounds great in theory, especially with a premise of mess-free home, but not everything can be solved with this approach. This is especially true for smaller homes that simply can't fit all their essentials in the space that they have without cluttering it. In that respect, using rental storage units can prove to be very helpful. Not only will you be able to store your precious possessions such as accessories, decor and patio furniture for example, but out-of-season clothes as well. So, if you're planning to rent a storage unit, take a look at the following list of things to think about so that you can have your own peace of mind.

1. Units with a lot of pallets

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When looking for a perfect storage unit, make sure that the inside is full of pallets and shelves. You might wonder why this is so important when you can keep all your stuff in boxes, but you should consider all the possible scenarios. Basically, keeping your stuff on the floor might not be such a good idea in case there's a lot of rain and/or snow where you live. There's no way to tell whether or not water will go under the unit doors and damage your goods.

2. Keep things wrapped

Even if it seems completely closed, dust will still accumulate in the storage unit you're renting. What's more, you can't always say that you're completely safe from bugs and other pests that would just love to crawl all over your stuff. Because of this, it would be best to always wrap your things in a plastic wrap or put them in sealed plastic bags so that they're safe both from dust and crawlies. If there are big temperature changes where you live, you might want to consider additional wrapping layers and even insulation so that your things don't get too damaged due to the cold.

3. Label everything

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It's essential that you label your packages and boxes. You might think that you'll surely remember where your favourite pair of summer shoes are, but most often this is not the case. If you make sure to label everything, it will be a lot easier for you to find everything you need when you actually need it. This will save you a lot of time and stress later on.

4. Secure the unit

There is always someone guarding the rental storage units but being alert all the time when it comes to all the units is simply impossible. It's not good to be negative but you should be realistic and practical. Therefore, make sure to get yourself a hefty small lock that won't be easy to cut, and that is prone to weather damage.

5. Damage-proof the space

Even if you rent at the best storage facilities in Sydney you won't be able to get away with damaging the space of the unit. Therefore, make sure to be extra attentive when you're bringing in bulky furniture that can scratch the walls or when you store paint and other stuff that can spill and make a mess. So, before you start bringing your stuff in, make sure to plastic off the floor and walls, so that there are no problems and additional stress whatsoever.

6. Use the space wisely

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Don't waste your money on bigger storage units if you can fit all your belongings in a smaller one. It may not look like it, but even the smallest storage units are designed to take in a lot of stuff. In order to use the space properly, make sure to stack your stuff as if you're piecing a puzzle together. Also, feel free to fill the space all the way up to the ceiling.

Every now and then make sure to go through the stuff that you keep in your storage unit just so that you can rearrange and organize them better and remind yourself of what you actually keep in there. This is especially important if you keep your seasonal clothes stored. So, don’t be lazy – even storage units require seasonal cleaning!

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