5 Cozy Bedroom Ideas for This Season

The whole point of the bedroom is to be cozy and inviting. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, your safe haven, one place where you feel completely relaxed and safe.

So, when you think about a perfect place for a quiet retreat after a busy day – how does that place look and feel like? Is it comfortable, warm, and charming?

If you’re not yet sure, we’re here to share with you 5 cozy bedroom ideas that will spark your imagination and encourage you to makeover your bedroom for this season.

  1. The color palette

When it comes to bedrooms there are no rules. It’s your bedroom so you can do whatever you feel like. So, let’s give you some ideas when it comes to the bedroom color palette.

You can choose anything from neutral, earthy tones to bold dark colors, whatever you feel like. If you’re leaning more towards neutrals, you can paint your walls in warm white or cream tones. But don’t forget to add some contrast with pops of darker colors throughout the room.

Dark, bold walls give a mysterious but still warm feeling to the bedroom space. To ground those dark walls, choose lighter colors for the rest of the room. If you had your walls painted dark gray, choose a brighter rug, bed linens, and other accent pieces.

You can also play around with wallpaper in your bedroom. If you want something different for your bedroom, you can go for patterned or floral wallpapers. Mixing patterns with patterns is popular these days, so you won’t make a mistake if you decide to pair patterned wallpapers with other patterns in the bedroom.

  1. Warm wood 

Wood can be nicely incorporated into a bedroom. Whether you decide to settle for wooden panels on the walls or use wood as accent pieces and furnishings – you’d be giving your room a dose of coziness only a warm wood can give. 

Wood, apart from giving a natural feel to the room, also makes it feel warm and rustic. You can decide to install hardwood floors and then combine them with a metal bed and a nice pair of wooden bedside tables the same color as the floors. 

You can add a wooden bench or a chest of drawers in warm wood color. You can choose a heavy wooden bed – don’t be afraid of heavy furniture, especially if it’s made of solid wood.

  1. Bedroom textiles and textures

When choosing bedroom textiles choose only what feels right to you. Choose soft, cozy, and warm, and don’t settle for anything else. Also, don’t be afraid to play with textures. Layer rugs and blankets. 

Source only the best quilt covers and layer them with throw blankets. Don’t be afraid to mix chunky knit throws and fur blankets. Layering different textures will give that cozy and soothing feel to your bedroom.

Also, don’t forget to put as many pillows as you want. If something screams coziness those are all the soft pillows you put on the bed.

Adding curtains is also one of the musts if you want your room to feel cozy. Curtains or any other window treatments can make a world of difference in any room, especially in the bedroom. When choosing curtains try to opt for those without any pattern.

  1. Bedroom lighting

It really is all about the lighting – lighting sets the mood, creates the perfect ambiance, and completely changes the feel of any space. This is why you need to consider the bedroom lighting situation. 

You don’t want harsh lighting in a place where you plant to unwind and relax. That’s one of the reasons why you should stir away from any harsh overhead lights. Instead, choose various light sources throughout the room. In addition to your bedside lamps or wall-mounted sconces, place floor lamps.

Additionally, you can install dimmable floor lamps, bulbs, or switches in your bedroom. With dimmable switches, you can control the amount of light you want in your room.

  1. Beds and headboards

In any bedroom, the bed or a headboard wall should be focal points. This is one of the reasons why your bed should be dramatic. 

The other reason is that the bed should anchor the room. Regardless of the size of your bedroom, don’t be afraid to choose a good size bed. Four-poster beds, canopy beds, beds with tufted headboards, metal frame beds – whatever you prefer, just make sure it’s dramatic enough for your room.

If you have a platform bed, and you lack a headboard, no problem. A headboard can be easily created or DIYed. You can create stylish headboards from simple to complex ones, whatever floats your boat.


Nowadays, it’s so easy to create a comfortable yet stylish sanctuary. With just a couple of tips, you can create a bedroom that will make you want to snuggle and spend time in. A place where you’ll feel warm, cozy, and above all safe. 


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